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November is a very spiritual month in regards to numerology. It is actually considered to be one of the most meaningful and important parts of the year.

November is the 11th month out of the year and the number 11, as you may know, holds a lot of power. It brings about the sacred vibration of higher consciousness and so much more. As the end of the year draws closer and closer each passing day, many people are reflecting and trying to zone in on what they are lacking. You should use the month of November to really strengthen your foundations in life.

You need to be paying closer attention to those around you, and prepare yourself for the rewards to come. This month will bring about lots of hard work, but it will all be worth it. If you need a boost, do not be afraid to turn to your friends and family for support.

The powerful number 11 applies energy big time, it creates more and more potency as repeating numbers are added. November’s vibrations are going to be guiding us to something new, and we must be connected to our purpose to figure out just what it is to come.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
― Nikola Tesla

This energy is a very powerful manifesting energy and allows us to create the life we wish to live. You can resist fate all you want, but in the end, the Universe is only going to make the things it wants to happen. Chances are you have already been feeling this energy and will be feeling it even in the months to come.

Take a look below for more information on this. I, for one, am awestruck. All of these things really resonate with me for some reason. Allow your soul to reach its higher purpose. Be grateful for who and where you are but know that growing and transforming into your higher self is the goal.

Call on the energy being offered to you and make it work in your favor. If you want to learn more about this amazing energy, please check out the video below. The year to come is going to be a great one if you can get your ducks in a row before it makes an appearance.