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Earlier as this year began we heard a lot about how the numerology behind 2020 was very powerful and how this year was going to be a very interesting one but it’s been quite hard to get through, to say the least. That being said, the year isn’t over, and we should all remain as hopeful as possible.

This year began a new decade and broken down 2020’s numerology comes from the number 4 (2+0+2+0=4). While we have been through a lot this year, we should not let it get to us. Things are going to be looking up, and we still have roughly four months left of the year that may change everything, if we work hard enough for it to.

Four for those who might not be aware pushes us to focus and build structure in our lives. It is a number that when present like this helps us to build more for ourselves and really get to manifesting. According to Affinity Numerology, this number is conscientious. While it has negative sides and could be a bit stressful depending on how it works for each of us if we remain hopeful and working towards our goals we can do so much.

Affinity Number wrote as follows about the power of 4:

All meanings of the number 4 are subordinate to the focus and sense of purpose the 4 has in relation to it’s building of a secure foundation for the future.

The number 4 is sometimes considered unlucky because it represents work, which a few people see as undesirable. The failure to accept the 4 prevents them from seeing the real reason 4 represents work.

The 4 is pragmatic and focused with specific goals, and it is highly likely to achieve them. To achieve the goals, real goals that build a foundation of security for the future — to achieve those goals requires work. Work and dedication. Goals aren’t reached without doing the work to achieve them.

It’s the energy represented by the number 4 that makes achieving those goals easier than it would otherwise be. The 4 lets a person be comfortable with and enjoy doing the work required to reach those goals.

The number 4 willingly works long and hard to build what it needs.

It tends to be practical and likes to have its facts straight before beginning a project. It generally can handle money well and tends to keep resources in reserve.

I know all of that might be a lot to take in, but we should all work hard to keep our thoughts where they should be and our energies positive. While it might be confusing sometimes the world around us isn’t as bad as we may think it is. The number 4 is going to protect us in some ways and make things hard for us in others. As the rest of this year unfolds, I have high hopes and believe that things will be looking up.

If you take the time now to work on your future, you can get somewhere great in time. I know, it’s not as easy to do for everyone but the more you work at bettering yourself the more progress you will make. You’ve got this, hold your head up high.