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While we are merely facing the beginning of November, time goes by quickly. The things headed our way are going to be hitting us before any of us can properly prepare and if you’re feeling on edge right now, there is probably a reason for it.

Sure, it might seem like 2019 is almost over, but we still have a good ways to go. November is going to be jam-packed with energetic changes and obstacles for each of us to overcome. Right now with Venus moving into Sagittarius and Uranus retrograding chances are you’re feeling pretty off-kilter. This retrograde is getting close to being over and as time passes chaos will begin to be much more present in our lives.

Throughout the whole month of November, we’re going to be looking at things from a romantic point of view and working to focus on those we care the most about in our lives. We still have a little way to go in regards to Scorpio Season and that in itself is going to be making this whole ordeal all the more intense. Once the 11th comes around powerful shifts will be occurring as well so if you’re not ready to manifest you need to kick things into gear right now.

Chances are your spirit guide will be reaching out within the next couple of weeks and working to make some real differences in your life. Finding yourself is going to be much easier than you could have ever imagined as this month moves forth.

According to The Power Path’s website, this month is all about proactive change and with that basically, we will all be working to uncover what is next in the chapter of this book that is our lives. Most of us will be complaining less and listening more which is a very positive thing in itself. During this time we all need to remember that we should not be procrastinating and that everything happening before us is happening for a reason. Sure, things might be a bit scary, but they are going to push us exactly where we need to be for this year to really come to a close on a proper and positive note.

While this month is going to be a very power-packed one, it will also be a time for us to grow in ways we otherwise would not be capable of. Doing better and being better will get us so much further than we could have ever imagined. Work to achieve all you can during this time and allow your dreams to truly come full circle.

For more information on what you should be expecting as the days begin to pass please check out the video below. While these energies and vibrations can feel like a lot as long as you ground yourself properly and do not fight the things to come you will go far. Life is never what it seems and you are going to be really coming out of your shell very soon.