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When it comes to the world around us energies are always changing. While you might be having bad luck one day the next could end up being quite positive and in your favor. While it might not seem like it right now we’re facing some pretty special energies.

As November gets closer and closer to its end we are also beginning to see quite a renewing energy. Mercury is still retrograding as of right now (November 19th) but will be going direct soon and the things happening in the celestial world overall are shifting to a new perspective. As this occurs chances are you and your twin flame whether together or not will be working to come to terms with a lot of different things.

We are in the last phase of Scorpio season and moving into Sagittarius season which will have us on our toes and ready to find new things to do and adventures to face but that doesn’t mean that we should be ignoring our previous responsibilities. Regarding love, you will either be drawn towards one another or pulled apart depending on where you are in your twin flame journey. There are wounds coming to the surface that if neither of you are ready to face things will not be able to heal over properly.

Keep in mind that just because you and your twin are not on the same page in this life does not mean you have to sit around being miserable. Challenges are exactly that and should be worked through rather than mowed over. If you feel that your twin is in need of help or that you as a twin need some guidance meditating with your higher self could really be a big eye-opener.

As this week and the coming week unfold November is going to make it clear whether we are going to link up in this world or not. Just one small energy shift can change everything you need to keep that in mind. We are all moving through this life in our own ways, and we all start out at different points on our own paths. Merging with your twin isn’t going to come easily and it might not be possible in this world.

Being open to this kind of love but also being willing to move on from it, for now, is important. There are other connections for you to form in this life that you should be focusing on instead if you’ve already sealed your future in regards. The more confused you become during this time the more clear your answers will end up being as December nears.

Follow your heart but don’t leave your mind out of the mix. Remember to keep yourself grounded and allow your intuition to guide you. There will never be a time during which things work out exactly as you had planned for them to but December in a lot of ways is going to be as close as it gets for many of us. Preparing for that period will require a lot of patience.

You might be feeling quite encouraged during this time to try to make things work but the truth is you don’t want to put yourself out there right now. If things are falling into place let them but don’t force the pieces to fit when they just won’t in the present moment. The more emotions you uncover this week the more disappointed you may become. Keep your own well-being in mind as you move forth.


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