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While most signs will be doing just fine during the course of November there will be quite a few that end up having a rough time. That being said, being aware of what might be to come will help make it less horrible.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be going through the most during the month of November. While some of these signs will have a worse time than others on the list they will all be quite frustrated and stressed either way. That being said, if they persevere they will make it through just fine.


November for you is going to be forcing you to really change. You will feel heavily burdened and might even go so far as to isolate yourself from others. You will be working to find balance but through that also forgetting to take care of yourself. Remaining optimistic throughout this month will really help you get through it.


November for you is going to bring forth a lot of misunderstandings. You are going to be very confused and rushed in all that you do and it will take a serious toll on you. While you will be trying to get more done and striving to be a harder worker things just won’t seem to work out how you want them to. During this time you need to focus on finances and be careful about unnecessary purchases.


November for you is going to push you to be more creative and to begin with providing you with a positive outlook. That being said, if you let it go to your head you will notice lots of vulnerabilities coming forth. Tension will be building in your closest relationships and communicating during this month will not be your strong point.


November for you is going to be very interesting. You are going to be trying to show affection for someone that just doesn’t want it. Your heart is going to go through a lot this month whether it is in the realm of close friendships, family, or even romance. Be careful, stop trying to give your all to those who do not deserve it.


November for you is going to be having you wanting to begin again. You will notice a lot of disagreements and arguments coming forth. If you do not think before you speak many will end up offended. This whole month is going to be quite controversial for you in a number of ways.

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