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As we move forth November is finally here and that for some is going to be a month full of growth. Growth comes in a lot of ways and well, it’s not always easy to swallow.

Because of the things going on in the celestial world, some signs will be having a good time while others reflect or perhaps even feel like they’re being thrown through the ringer. Below I am going to go over the signs that will be having it the worst during this month but if you’re one of them, don’t be too nervous. The things before you are going to help you really find yourself in big ways and progress a lot towards your goals. Sure, some setbacks will occur but those things are not necessarily as bad as we tend to think they are.


This month for the Cancer might start off alright but as things progress you’re going to notice a lot of lies people have told you coming to the surface. Things are not what they seem and it’s time to get to the bottom of things. Be thankful for those who actually care.


This month when it comes to Leo people isn’t something to take lightly. You’re going to be all over the place and stressed more than usual. Do not fold under pressure and be willing to take breaks when you need them. While you might be feeling alone, you are not alone.


This month for the Virgo is going to make them feel much more on edge than usual. You may end up feeling like everything is going wrong and that the world is against you. Stop rushing everything and take some time to think about what you do before you do it. The right choices will come in time.


This month for the Libra is going to be all about breaking free. You’re going to be cutting ties and moving on in big ways. While this is a great thing for you, it will feel terrible for a little while. You are going to be questioning things more-so than usual.


This month for the Aquarius might not be as comforting as you had hoped it would be. You’re going to be paying for your wrongdoings as of late and forced to come to terms with things you’ve been ignoring. Keep in mind, this is all for the greater good. Stop holding off and be willing to see things as they are for once.