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As you may know on the 30th of this month (November) there will be a full moon. During this full moon, there will also be a partial lunar eclipse and well, things are going to be all over the place.

This moon will be in the sign Gemini and for those wondering yes, that brings out a lot of different emotions. We’re all going to be dealing with relationship issues, inner turmoil, lots of pressure, and well so much more. That being said, this moon is all about letting go of the baggage we’ve been carrying and it will help us grow in some pretty amazing ways.

Astrology King wrote as follows on the lunar eclipse aspect pattern this event brings with it:

The Rectangular Aspect Pattern in the full moon November 2020 astrology chart is called an Irritation Rectangle, or Stimulus Rectangle. [1] The red oppositions create a lot of activity. They make you want to achieve something and reach goals. Sun opposite Moon sees the activity centered on intimate relationships and balancing polarities. Venus opposite Uranus exaggerates the differences between partners. The gap between the two possibilities becomes more extreme and dramatically increases the tension.

The outer green aspects absorb the constant inner tension but rest and relaxation are almost impossible. The high energy never stops and is constantly recharging. You will be thinking up new possibilities. Feeling “on-call” all the time can make you very nervous. A permanent state of tension is like always being “on the go”.

The flexible green outer gives the whole structure great stability but also creates a big target. You may be overly defensive about verbal attacks. Difficulty communicating will appear as uncertainty and insecurity. You may feel a compulsion to learn in order to alleviate the inner tension. Avoid a tendency to force-feed others with your newly gained knowledge.

Don’t be too caught up in trying to get everything you can done right now. There is too much to process all at once and if you were a bit more open and understanding things might be going over better. While this moon is a positive one it is also a hard one to face depending on what you’re going through.

Slow down, relax, and see where this moon takes you. I for one am excited for the energies to come. Things are going to be intense but, aren’t they always? The celestial world is full of so much mystery we almost never know for sure what we’re going to be facing.