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While it might not feel like it at first, the days to come are going to be full of change. There is a lot going on in the energetic world and I for one am ready for the things to come.

For one, Mercury goes direct on the 3rd and that is going to kick things off big time. With Mercury being direct we are able to get back to normal on some level and our lives overall are much less complex. We can communicate on a deeper level with those we need to and overall, this planet being direct sets the mood for a lot of growth.

While the days to come are full of smaller celestial events, those overall will be adding up to make big differences in our lives. It might be important to note that on the 3rd as well we will be facing something known as Venus quincunx Uranus. This event in itself is one that brings about mixed emotions according to Astrology King.

Because of the things you’re experiencing overall this cosmic event could leave you feeling more anxious. You may really struggle to find balance properly and need to work on gaining the things you’re missing in order to open the doors of opportunity that might be before you. Honestly, loving yourself and getting to know yourself more properly might be things you need to highlight during this period of time.

Now, on the 6th Mercury will be square Saturn and on the 7th the Sun will be quincunx Mars. Both of these events are interesting in their own ways. They push us to break out of our comfort zones and make hard decisions. We may become more confident during their presence and even find ourselves working through past experiences.

As noted above this week is all about growth and well, the more you allow that to sink in the better. Things are not always what they seem and if you want to find yourself properly and move forward towards your future, you will need to work through the things holding you back in this world. On the 8th we will be facing the 3rd quarter moon and while that might not sound like much, it is quite powerful and could give you a chance to really end this rough week out with a moment of freedom.

While some of this might be a bit confusing, don’t be too afraid of the energies to come. The next few days are going to help us all get to where we need to be. This month as a whole will be one that helps us figure out a lot moving forward.