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Life is not as easy to plan out as we tend to think it will be. There are tons of things that can change the way we live and some of those things literally come out of nowhere.

When you come in contact with the person you’re supposed to spend your life with things take a serious turn that you cannot avoid. You begin to realize just how different the life you are going to have will be from the life you may have planned out and sometimes that difference is intense. Finding your forever person is a lot more intense than most people tend to realize and I think that in itself is quite mind-blowing.

When you find the person you’re meant to be with you learn more about who you really are and start aligning with your truest purposes. This person sees you in your rawest form and helps you to grow in all possible ways. He or she accepts you and pushes you towards your dreams all the while helping you to remain as grounded as possible. This person takes away all the pain of your past and helps you overcome the challenges brought on by the baggage you’ve carried with you throughout the years.

Sure, it might not sound like much but having someone by your side through the hardest parts of your life is a feeling that brings overwhelming comfort. This person will be there for you to lean on even when the ship is sinking. You both find the best in one another and bring that into the light. There are no half efforts or misguided intentions. When you find your forever person they change everything about your life in one way or another.

You’ve been through a lot and love hasn’t exactly been easy but finding your forever person will make it easy. Being with he or she will be nothing like your relationships of the past. Instead of weighing you down or holding you back this person will help you to continue on whatever path in life you choose. They will come into your life unexpectedly and really sweep you off of your feet. Chances are you’ll find them when you’re not looking for any kind of relationship at all.

Love can be damaging and painful but when it’s the right kind of love it can be perfection in the best ways possible. Far too often we forget how quickly things can take a turn in a new direction. Life is so mysterious and yet we assume that living it in a box is the only way.

If you haven’t found your forever person yet, you don’t know what you’re in store for. A mere second can really turn your life around for the better. Love in its truest form is far more powerful than you could ever imagine.

I guess the point of this is to remind you all that nothing is as cut and dry as we want it to be. You might have the next few months planned out in your mind but that doesn’t mean things will go that way. The world is a crazy place and spending your time here with someone who means something to you will make it even crazier but in a good way.