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Venus is currently retrograding and if you aren’t already feeling the effects, you will be very soon. As time goes by a lot of things in your life are going to change.

Venus has been retrograding since October 5th and will be retrograding until November 16th. It is going to be bringing forth a lot of energies that most of us will have no clue what to do with. Because the Venus retrograde is not very common, it always packs a serious punch.

During this course of this retrograde everything is going to be coming out one way or another. While you will be focused on the world of love you might not find anything like that. You will be forced to really see the people around you for who they actually are and that might not be easy to face. If you are someone that surrounds his or herself with others prepare for a good bit of loneliness.

These energies are going to be quite intense as time goes by and you might not know how to respond to them. Do your best to be as grounded as possible and think things through. While you might end up reassessing a lot of things in your life you will end up better for having done so in the end.

You should use Venus retrograde as a chance for you to love yourself more. During this time, think about what things you really love and find happiness in. Work through all of the problems before you with the answers being presented. If someone from your past comes into your life think long and hard about whether or not they deserve back in. Do not let your heart do all the reasoning during this time.

You can’t avoid the things to come but you can influence how they affect you in some ways. Be strong and do not fight the energies before you. The more you fight the worse off things will end up. Let the universe work for you in the ways it knows it needs to. You might be confused right now but as time passes things will begin to make more sense.

There is nothing to be afraid of. The universe will never bring you to something that you cannot handle.

Image via Conscious Reminder