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While we move through this life wanting to be the best possible versions of ourselves we can, that does not mean we can make everyone happy. There will be people in your life that will still find something to complain about even when you’ve done all you could for them. 

Sure, coming to the realization that someone close to you is toxic or just doesn’t see you as you would like for them to is painful but it is necessary. If you’re putting forth your all into making a connection work and the other person refuses to do the same sometimes cutting ties is your best option even if it’s the last thing you want to have to do. Whether you’re being selfless or not, you need to know your limits. 

People-pleasing in this world is a very flawed thing that will leave you getting hurt time and time again. No one on this planet is perfect and there will be people who will beat you down no matter what you do for them. You could be trying your hardest but that to them will never be enough.

If you’re surrounded by people who only want to use you, being broken down is something you will face time and time again. In this world knowing our worth and working to value ourselves properly is crucial because some people are true monsters in every sense of the word. They will take and take and take until you have nothing left to give. 

It is okay to accept that there are people in this life who will never be willing to accept you and it is okay to stop trying to make things work when they’re clearly not working. You do not owe anyone anything and the sooner you realize that the happier you will end up being in the end.

If someone is unwilling to see the real you or doesn’t want to get to know you for who you are, why waste your time trying to show them just how amazing you are? Let those who see your inner light from the get-go experience the best you have to offer. Stop wasting your efforts on people who are only going to be an obstacle in this world for you and moving towards where you need to be. 

Sometimes the people we put the most into say the worst things about us and it truly sucks. But, there is nothing we can do about it. By allowing them to win and trying to make them happy you are feeding into this kind of negativity and that is something you should never do. You deserve to be surrounded by people who actually value you and considering how many people there are on this planet, you shouldn’t be putting too much into those who are refusing to put anything into you. 

Some people just don’t deserve our kindnesses and coming to terms with that will help you grow tremendously. The time we get here on this Earth with one another is too short to spend it with those who would never be there when you need them. If you’re not able to go to someone for the same kind of support you offer them then there is no point in being in their life or allowing them in yours.

We in this world make tons of mistakes and will continue to do-so but being aware of the way that human beings operate in this sense will help you to surround yourself with a positive circle that can and will help you be the best you that you can be. The relationships you have with people who only spend time with you because you do things for them or who only want to be your friend because you’re popular aren’t going to last and you already knew that from the beginning.

You can want to please someone on a level that rings within your core but unless they are willing to see that effort for what it truly is, they will never appreciate you or your efforts. Being willing to walk away is something that we all need to work on. This world is full of temporary people and those who are meant to be by your side forever won’t jump ship when times get hard.

They will be there for you when you’re struggling, and they will be there for you when you’re hard to get along with. They will accept you as you are and refuse to hold the mistakes of your past over your head. Stop letting toxic people hold power over you and surround yourself with those who can help you grow properly.