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As you all may know, there is a new moon well on its way. This new moon is set to appear on December 18th, which is in just a few days.

With this new moon, a lot of energies will be making their way here. Because this new moon will be in Sagittarius, we will be feeling much closer to those around us than we normally would. That being said, this new moon brings lots of challenges.

When it comes to the energies of this new moon you need to ensure you are getting all you can from them. Below you will find a list of the 12 things that you can do to help take advantage of any and all new moon energies to come. Remember, when it comes to energies from above, we have to be prepared for any and everything.

12 Things You Can do to Benefit From These Magical Energies:

1. Reflect

Before the new moon, you should reflect as much as you can. Think about this past year and all you have accomplished. Really take the time to meditate on who you are.

2. Set your intentions

Plant a seed. Figure out what it is you want and make sure you make it know. Don’t fight yourself.

3. Write down your desires

Getting your desires down on paper makes them so much stronger. Personally, I feel keeping a journal really makes a huge difference. That being said, remember you won’t get things overnight, the universe works at its own speed.

4. Clear your own energy field

Really let go of anything that has been holding you back. envision yourself discharging all of those negative pent-up energies. Stop holding onto things that are no longer benefiting you.

5. Surround yourself with joy

During the new moon do things you love to do. Don’t spend the new moon miserable. This will only set you up to fail.

6. Spend time with those who care

Really give those who matter to you some time. We get far too caught up in our daily lives and forget those who are important. Let the new moon be a reminder that your friends and family matter.

7. Open up about things you have been worried about

Stop carrying the burden of everything on your own. Open up to those close to you. No one wants to see you struggle alone. If you want this energy to help you, you have to also help it do its job.

8. Think about the future

Once you finished reflecting before the new moon is here, turn towards the future. Think about where you will be five years from now. Are your dreams within reach? If not, what do you need to do to make them in reach?

9. Look for signs and follow the ones you find

Really pay close attention to everything during the new moon. Follow all of the signs that come your way. You will know when you have found a true sign, don’t ignore it.

10. Give in to the will of the universe

Stop fighting the universe. Let whatever is going to happen, happen. As I have said many times over, everything happens for a reason.

11. Don’t obsess over how or when things will happen

Don’t be too caught up in when or how something is going to happen. Let go, relax, and wait. Be as patient as you possibly can. As I have said before, nothing happens overnight.

12. Do not be held back

If someone or something is holding you back let it go. You deserve nothing but the best and the best involved moving forward not staying in the same place forever. All of your struggles will pass.