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Love is a great thing and when positive and supportive it can bring you so much higher than you could have imagined but sometimes we fall for the wrong people. Being in love with someone who is toxic to you is a very damaging thing and happens all too often in this day and age.

You and your partner should both be on the same level of awareness when it comes to what is okay and what is not okay within your relationship. Boundaries should be set and proper limits met. Settling for someone who refuses to respect you will only end in heartbreak. Loving someone who refuses to put forth the effort you deserve hurts but staying with them all the while being taken advantage of hurts so much more.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you should never settle for or allow. These are things those who actually care for you would never do. Be aware of the relationship you’re in and the connection you have or perhaps, do not have. If your lover is doing these things you are one hundred times better off alone.

10 Things You Should Never Put Up With In A Relationship:

1. Someone who does not value your opinion.

When you’re in a relationship you need to be with someone who values your opinion. Someone who does not do this is not someone who cares what you think at all. He or she will run all over you and not take your emotions into consideration, ever.

2. Someone who refuses to see your side of things and does not communicate properly.

When we are in a relationship with someone who doesn’t see things from any perspective but their own we are doing more damage to our own wellbeing than we realize. Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship. If you cannot sit down and talk things out you do not need to be with one another. You should be able to see the other side of every situation once it’s been explained properly.

3. Someone who refuses to show their true emotions.

Your lover should never hide his or her feelings from you. You should be able to express yourself, and they should be able to express themselves. Sometimes the hardest thing to say is the thing that needs to be said the most.

4. Someone who gives you the silent treatment.

The silent treatment is a serious form of abuse that should never happen. While a lot of people act as if it is ‘no big deal,’ it is a very serious problem that a lot of people face far too frequently. Your partner should never trick you into giving in by ignoring you, that is manipulation on a raw level and you can do better.

5. Someone who doesn’t help you grow as a person.

If you are not helping one another grow in life you are not together for the right reasons. As a couple, we should be working to help each other become the best possible version of ourselves. Don’t let your efforts be one-sided.

6. Someone who doesn’t respect you.

Your partner should respect you just as much as you respect him or her. While a lot of people think their lovers respect them, the actions put forth say another thing entirely. Look at what your partner is doing and figure out if he or she is actually being respectful or not.

7. Someone who is constantly blaming you for their own problems.

You are not the source of problem for your lover on a level that he or she might be making you out to be. If you’re being blamed for things you have had no control over or part in you need to jump ship. There is no sense in being a punching bag or scapegoat for someone who isn’t treating you properly to begin with.

8. Someone who is selfish and uncaring.

You should never allow someone who doesn’t actually care for you to remain in your life. Selfish people do not have anyone’s interests in mind but their own and you need to be aware of that, point blank. Your needs and emotions matter, you need to take yourself into consideration from time to time.

9. Someone who seeks to control you.

You are the only person in control of your life. If your partner is trying to change you and make you into someone you are not and do not want to be you do not have to stick around. You can continue to live the life you want to live with or without this person by your side.

10. Someone who refuses to acknowledge your boundaries.

Your boundaries should never be compromised. If your partner is stepping all over the lines you’ve both set in place you should cut ties. Never do anything that you’re not comfortable with, period.

If you are with someone who is doing all of these things remember that sometimes being single is a much better option. You do not have to be in a relationship to be happy. You can take this world on all by yourself if you choose to do-so.

(Image Via: Pixabay)