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Yes, we all love how convenient our microwaves are, and they are something common in basically all homes you enter here in the ‘western world’ but they’re not as ‘perfect’ as some might assume. There are some concerns over the use of microwaves themselves and actually foods that we should avoid be reheating within them.

Some foods are just too touchy to reheat in your microwave and well, the more aware you are of that the better. Don’t get me wrong, it might not necessarily be the microwave’s fault but the changes in temperatures can end up being a bit dangerous depending on how things go over. Sure, you can throw most veggies, eggs, and things of that sort in there easily but should you be going that?

Below I am going to go over some of the foods that we should not be reheating in our microwaves and why. While you might have been found doing these things before, they’re not the safest and should be avoided when possible. I for one do my best to keep these kinds of things out of the microwave as best I can, even though growing up I thought tossing them in was just fine and dandy.

Don’t Reheat These 7 Foods In Your Microwave:

1. Rice

I know, it might be something you do a lot but putting rice in the microwave is a disaster waiting to happen. If you leave your rice out at room temperature then pop it in the microwave, you could end up giving yourself food poisoning. This for those who do not know is actually somewhat common. There are bacteria often found in rice that can really do serious damage, handle your rice properly to avoid issues with that. Always go the extra mile to make sure you’re doing things properly.

2. Hot Peppers

Now, personally, I have never just microwaved peppers but some people have and well it can be hazardous in some ways. You see, when you microwave hot peppers the capsaicin within them can be released causing the air in the microwave to become quite spicy itself. If you’re not careful when you do open the microwave, it may feel like you’ve been seemingly sprayed with ‘pepper spray’ as this capsaicin can get in your eyes and other areas.

3. Whole Eggs

Well, for one eggs in the microwave sometimes explode and that’s no fun to clean up but when reheating boiled eggs and things of that nature sometimes we end up creating a pocket of egg that is more-so like lava. The buildup of steam can really do some damage if you’re not careful and it’s almost always just not a fun experience to reheat eggs in the microwave. They also change when microwaved and can wreak havoc on your tummy.

4. Breast Milk

Yes, pumping and keeping your milk for when your baby needs it is a good idea but putting it in the microwave to reheat it could cause heat pockets inside of the milk itself. This meaning you could burn your baby without realizing it. Hot spots in milk are never fun and can really be quite painful for the babies who end up experiencing them.

5. Processed Meats

When we reheat or microwave processed meats in general we’re potentially changing the chemicals within them because they have things like preservatives and so forth present inside. This kind of thing could in some cases actually even contribute to the formation of cholesterol oxidation products which has been linked to some cases of those who develop coronary heart disease. Sure, we all seem to love processed meats, but they’re not that healthy as is, throwing them in the microwave just makes things even worse.

6. Potatoes

Reheating cooked potatoes in the microwave can be a bit dangerous. This is because botulinum can be found in them and is able to survive even after spending a little time in the microwave. That being said, if you’re storing them properly popping them in the microwave might not hurt. Just make sure they stay in the fridge after being cooked and all should be well within reason.

7. Chicken

The microwave just doesn’t get the chicken heated all the way through as it should, and we all know that chicken when not handled properly can be dangerous. If you’re going to reheat chicken in the microwave make sure you only do it once. Don’t be one of those people who reheats it a few times before you’re done with it. When it comes to chicken we tend to make a lot of mistakes and in some cases, those mistakes can cause serious problems.

To learn more about all of this please take a look at the video below. Be aware of what you’re doing with your microwave and stop reheating things in there that you perhaps shouldn’t be. We all need to keep our own well-being in mind. Perhaps you should look more into the things you’re using your microwave for.