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No matter how old you get, the hands that raised you will always be important to you. Whether that is your parents, grandparents, or someone else entirely make sure they know how much they mean to you.

As an adult you might be out living your own life now but when something big happens, who is the first person you want to call? If you answered that with the title of someone in your family, then you need to reach out more. We may outgrow our toys, our hobbies, and other things of the sort as we age but our parents will always be crucial in our lives.

You cannot replace the connection you have with the person who raised you or had the most influence over your life throughout the years. That person is going to be someone you always turn to until you can no longer do-so. That person misses you more than you realize and sometimes wishes things could go back to how they were when you were smaller. They may not voice this often, but they wish you’d pop in more frequently.

The hands that raised you would drop everything if you need them and you know that. Whether it’s your mother, grandfather, or even an aunt this person loves you more than you could ever imagine and when you call, they will be there. They are people you can count on and while newer connection will come and go, this one will prove to be everlasting.

You’d be surprised how refreshing it can be to go back and spend time with the people who know you better than anyone else. The time we get to spend with our previous caretakers is something many of us take for granted and we should not be doing that. We should be reflecting and making sure we’re putting as much of an effort forth now as they did then.

I know things are complicated right now but reach out when you can. The hands that raised you would love to hear how you’re doing and they want to keep informed about your life. You may be moving on and doing new things but don’t forget where you came from.

Life is short and before you know it that person will be gone. Show them that you care while you have the change. Tomorrow is not promised, make the most of today.