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Neptune is retrograding now and has been since the 21st of June. This will not be dying down anytime soon and has brought a lot of truths to light that we otherwise would be working to keep hidden.

Neptune the planet of inspiration, dreams, illusions, and confusion rules over all things spiritual. He is strongly associated with intuition and enlightenment and when retrograde really throws us all through loops. Considering this retrograde will not end until sometime in November, working to educate yourself on what to expect in the months to come is crucial.

While Neptune gives us a serious dose of reality, he also really pushes us to channel parts of ourselves we would otherwise be ignoring. Below I am going to go over what things each sign should be expecting while these energies are present and chances are the things under your sign might come as shocking. Remember to remain as grounded as possible and do not let things hit you too hard.


This retrograde is going to bring you to your knees in some of the most frustrating ways. You’re going to be humbled far more often during this time than you have been in the past few months. Use the positive things from this to your advantage and be more honest with those around you. While you might keep to yourself within reason, you are still harboring some emotions that should not be felt.


This retrograde has you feeling completely out of bounds. You are working to make things better but for some reason only end up making them worse. During this time you need to relax and see where these energies take you rather than trying to control them. Someone close to you might be trying to pull the wool over your eyes but you will notice soon enough.


This retrograde is one that has you ready to work your butt off. You are putting all your efforts in the right places and going out of your way to getting things done. While you might not be able to keep this up forever, the progress you’re making is important.


This retrograde is going to show you exactly what you should be avoiding. You are going to be taking responsibility for your own actions and working to clear up all of the things you’ve been ignoring. While you are frustrated, working through this will help.


This retrograde is going to be showing you how to break free of the status quo. While you’re always on top you’re also always forcing others to sink and that is not a good look. Things are about to change and the truth about your past is coming forward, don’t run.


This retrograde is going to remind you that apologizing is important. You cannot push people over the edge and expect them to fold, sometimes you are too much and you need to come to terms with that. While you don’t feel like things are as they should be, you know that they can be and working towards that is going to help you a lot.


This retrograde is one that you will not forget for a long time. You will be coming out of your shell and really working to do things you actually want to do. For a long time now you’ve been living your life for the people around you and not for yourself. That needs to change.


This retrograde is not the kind of retrograde you’re used to. It’s going to come in and knock your socks off, literally. You’re about to be feeling as if everything that made sense before is now a mess and well, it is. While things are going to take some time to get back to normal, normal is about to change.


This retrograde has you all over the place and not in a good way. You’re looking for something you are unable to find and it’s really taking a toll on you. Perhaps you should be turning to those who support you the most for advice?


This retrograde is bringing out the most energized side of you and allowing you to really put your best foot forward. You’re going to be helping the people closest to you in the months to come and really working to bring a sense of peace to your home. While you might be a bit distant in some ways, you’re crossing your own boundaries in others.


This retrograde is going to be forcing you to really put an emphasis on communication. The more you say the more clear things become and it really makes you feel great. Sure, it can be a bit hectic here and there but overall this is something that is helping you grow.


This retrograde is starting to show you the importance of being yourself and believing in your truest form. You have been falling behind for quite some time and it shows. The more you work with these energies the more potential you will be able to reach.