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While the month of June hasn’t exactly been a crazy one in regards to the celestial world, the next few days are going to be heating things up tremendously. Jupiter is going to be square Neptune on the 16th and this means something for each and every one of us.

For those who do not know this kind of transit brings forth a serious testing time period in our lives. It serves to remind us how truly temporary some of the things in our lives are and during this time we need to be aware of how to cut our losses and how to be more in touch with reality as a whole. This time period is not a good one for trusting new people or going out and doing things that would be considered risky.

As these two celestial bodies become locked into 90 degrees angles many of us will face confusion and struggle to keep it together throughout our day to day lives. This transit is in and of itself a moment for us to really stick to what we know and rely on those who truly support us. If we put our trust and faith in the wrong people, this transit will remind us why we’re not supposed to.

Sure, you might want to leap without looking but remembering to tell yourself to take a peek before the jump is important. Do your best to bite your tongue and stop allowing everything to hit you all at once. Some signs will become more jealous during this time and others might notice an increase in the demands they face in their work or personal lives.

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows in regards on their website:

With Jupiter forming a square to Neptune, we may be misled easily–by others or by our own unrealistic or inflated expectations. An inability to focus on important and realistic details, some disorganization and extravagance or exaggeration are indicated. Routine seems to be particularly unsatisfying now. This is a time when we easily take a detour from a practical path. It can also be a time when we are disillusioned by something (or someone). We need to watch carefully for a tendency to evade and avoid things, as well as for writing ourselves new beliefs or philosophies that justify this avoidance. There can be a lot of wandering, meandering,  and lack of groundedness happening with this influence. We might have troubles setting boundaries for ourselves. There is a need to come down to earth from time to time. Some routines, discipline, regularity, and rhythms should be enforced to counteract this tendency. Spiritual inspiration is a potential, however, as we shed false beliefs, expectations, and paths.

Regardless of what this transit holds for you please know that you can make it through. No matter how serious the energies before you are they will pass. All of the things happening before us are happening to help us grow and become the best possible versions of ourselves that we can be. Once all is said and done you will be more properly aligned with the source and that is a goal worth striving for.

To learn more about this transit please feel free to check out the video below. What do you think about all of this? I for one am on edge but ready and waiting.