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When it comes to astrology many people know about their ‘Sun signs’ but don’t bother to look into their other aspects. If you haven’t already taken the time to generate your natal chart and look at your other celestial signs, you really should do so.

Natal charts are important because they reveal so much about different parts of our lives and who we are. In case you were not aware, there is a different sign for each celestial body and they all represent different areas of our lives and beings. To generate your natal chart you can click here, all you need to know is your birthday, where you were born, and the time you were born.

Once you have your natal chart you will be able to see where the planets and so forth were in space when you were born. While this article is going to focus on Neptune and your Neptune sign itself I also urge you to look into the others and really gain a better sense of who you are. Your Neptune sign is one of the most important as it represents your perception of reality and reveals how you set your boundaries.

Your Neptune sign means a lot for your birth chart. It can indicate where the confusion in your life is coming from and whether or not you’re the kind of person that wants to escape the world he or she lives in. Neptune is a planet that is full of inspiration and while not everyone gets the positive effects many do. It helps us find meaning in our lives and holds lots of wisdom for us all regardless of what we are facing.

Neptune’s position during your birth will reveal where your intuition really comes into play and whether or not you are someone that gives into your ego. It is a very spiritual planet and because of that, is capable of much more than most realize. Below I am going to go over Neptune in each sign and what it means for those who find it on their charts. So, after getting your chart situated continue on to see what Neptune holds for you.

What Your ‘Neptune Sign’ Reveals About Your Boundaries and Perception Of Reality:

Neptune Sign – Aries

Neptune in Aries is always very full of energy and always seeking to push their boundaries. People with Neptune in this sign are very passionate and imaginative. They are always making radical changes in their lives and chasing impulses. These people come across sometimes as a bit headstrong.

Neptune Sign – Taurus

Neptune in Taurus people are very materialistic. They are very good at overcoming challenges but also try to find comfort in things that just don’t matter. While they are a bit practical they also tend to have a hard time really getting inspired.

They know their boundaries and are not the kind to overstep them. For these people, everything is about control. If they aren’t able to build themselves up they will tear everyone else down.

Neptune Sign – Gemini

Neptune in Gemini is something that people tend to consider a bit foolish. People with Neptune here are easy to get along with but they tend to let others get the best of them. While they are quite talented and curious they are lacking something. That being said, when putting themselves into something properly they can and will go above and beyond.

Neptune in Gemini needs to be able to find clarity and that is not always easy. Sure, they are always putting forth a lot of effort but at the end of the day those efforts do pay off. As long as they hold their own these people do quite well no matter how blinding their passions are.

Neptune Sign – Cancer

Neptune in Cancer is a very peculiar mix but it works. With people who have this in their charts, they can be quite sentimental to an extreme level. They indulge in things that they think will bring them happiness and do not often look at the consequences which is something that could lead to their downfall. That being said, they are always working to improve themselves and their reality. They want to be able to build the perfect life for themselves and the people in their lives.

Neptune Sign – Leo

Neptune in Leo is all about the art and is very success driven. People with this in their charts are very dramatic and love all things ‘Hollywood.’ They use their talent within the spotlight to withdraw from the reality before them. While this is not always a good thing it is something they cannot necessarily avoid.

Neptune Sign – Virgo

Neptune in Virgo is all about physical security. People who were born with Neptune in this sign are always working to improve things for themselves. They have high standards and have morals that they refuse to budge on.

They come across as very conservative but also tend to get sidetracked with small stuff. While they can be frustrating they do not lose themselves often. They know who they are and who they are not.

Neptune Sign – Libra

Neptune in Libra can be a bit confusing. While these people do not necessarily push the boundaries, they also do not accept them. They are all about finding harmony and because of that, the middle ground is where they tend to end up. They are constantly seeking perfection but unable to find it.

Neptune Sign – Scorpio

Neptune in Scorpio is a duo that no one wants to mess with. Because Scorpio is not afraid of the darker things in life those with this in their charts are very explorative. They know how important it is to be themselves and do just that.

These people are much more energetically charged than most which puts them on a very passionate and intriguing level. That being said, their temper is not something you want to come face to face with. If this is you, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Neptune Sign – Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius people are always trying to experience new things. They constantly feel stuck and are very emotional as well as indecisive. They usually tend to like the idea of finding themselves much more than actually doing-so. They are quite blinded by their ideas in general so when it comes to reality they tend to be very disconnected.

Neptune Sign – Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn is also quite interesting as these people are far more serious than the rest. They are able to concentrate on most anything without being swayed. They are for the most part a bit problematic but not to an extreme extent. I guess you could say when it comes to reality and other things of the sort this one is the most willing to cope without spending a lot of time searching for answers.

Neptune Sign – Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius is something that pushes dramatically. People with this in their signs are always working to help others and constantly trying to save people who might not even need saving in the first place. They are constantly searching for something that they will never be able to find.

Neptune Sign – Pisces

Neptune in Pisces is a bit frustrating, to say the least. People with this in their charts are always working to get rid of all of their problems even though that is not possible. They have a hard time coming to terms with things and are usually struggling with inner battles.

While they are able to overcome this it is something that they have to work hard at. They need to be more focused on creating and taking care of themselves rather than allowing their emotions to get the best of them. Chances are many people refer to this one as quite delusional.

Featured Image Via Daniel Aviles