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In this world, there are negative energies, positive energies, and neutral energies. The way you interact with these energies determines how you move forward here and thus, being aware of them is crucial.

In this article, we are going to focus on negative energy and how it affects us. When we allow negative energy into our lives, we are forcing ourselves to be held back. Negative energy can be found in other people, different environments, and even within ourselves depending on how we are progressing in our lives. If you are someone who is always facing setbacks and stuck in a mindset that is constantly bringing you down, you might be allowing too much negative energy to be present in your life.

Negative energy will leave you feeling stuck and unable to move forward. If you find yourself complaining a lot or notice that none of your relationships work out due to toxicity, changes are needed. When we are allowing negativity around us we find ourselves being criticized constantly and we also find that the people around us are not what they seem. The more drained and in the dumps you feel the more you’re likely being affected by the energies you’re allowing before you.

Through spiritual healing, you can remove this negativity from your life and really begin to understand the difference between neutral energies and negative energies. While positive is easy to spot reality tends to blind us from that which we do not want to see or experience even when we are right in the midst of it. The more negative energy before you the more negative your thoughts will become so really pointing them out is crucial. Clearing your energy field and meditating over the energies within your being is the first step to bettering your life.

In regards to the definition of negative energy and how it becomes present in our lives Hareesh wrote as follows on their site:

In light of this definition, what would ‘negative energy’ mean? It could only mean some force that somehow drains your energy, reducing your power to do work, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual work. Some people believe that others somehow possess this nefarious power: spending time with these ‘negative people’ drains of your prāṇa-śakti or life-force energy. I contend that this belief is false and that the reason spending time with some people is draining is simply because you are not setting healthy boundaries for yourself, and that is draining.

This reframe is absolutely crucial for one’s spiritual life: instead of blaming the other person for ‘draining’ you, take responsibility for feeling drained when you don’t tell them the truth. Such as, “I’m sorry, but I really don’t have the time or energy to listen to you right now,” or “I care about you but honestly I need space from this relationship right now,” or whatever the truth actually is. You choose how much time to give someone. You choose whether or not to draw a boundary.

You choose whether to speak your feelings and honor your own needs. And if your response to me is, “But I’m afraid that they will get upset or will judge me if I draw a boundary and speak the truth about my needs,” well then that is where your spiritual work lies. You dishonor yourself if you don’t draw a healthy boundary before you feel drained, and you dishonor the other person if you don’t tell them the truth. And please be super crystal clear: the other person is never the one draining you. You are draining you.

This suggesting that in itself negative energy is non-existent all the while present in our lives when we allow it to be. People who operate on a level of negative energy will be judgier, less happy, and more than willing to put the people around them down. You do not want to be one of those people. Negative energy can throw you down a rabbit hole and push you into the routine of wasting time. You will lose sight of who you are and your journey in itself.

To learn how to clear negative energy and let go of all that is holding you back please check out the video below. Negative energies are something most people do not understand properly and the more you learn the more power you hold. Allowing negativity to run rampant in your life will force you to face major setbacks and leave opportunities untaken. The more positive you are the more success you will find.