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We live in a Universe that is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. There are always more mysteries to unveil and honestly, it’s a neverending wonderland.

Perhaps one of the most amazing aspects of the Universe is outer space. In space, there are many strange and even eerie sound waves that travel through. These sound waves are so loud in fact that they are referred to as a space roar.

However, that is typically only through recordings, which produce sound waves. The reason for this is that Earth’s atmosphere contains molecules that allow us to hear the noises in our world. Without them, and if we were to float around space, it would mainly sound like silence.

Recently, though, NASA figured out how to ‘sonify’ a space image taken by the Hubble spacecraft, so we could hear a little bit of space. The image they used was taken by Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys and Wide-Field Camera 3 in August of 2018.

Those who worked on this project have referred to the picture as a ‘galactic treasure chest’ because it has so many galaxies contained within it.

“Each visible speck of a galaxy is home to countless stars,” they say about the image. “A few stars closer to home shine brightly in the foreground, while a massive galaxy cluster nestles at the very center of the image; an immense collection of maybe thousands of galaxies, all held together by the relentless force of gravity.”

And to be quite honest, the sound produced by NASA for the image is one of the most breathtaking things I have ever heard. Give it a listen, and tell us what you think!