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Narcissists are extremely manipulative and are not afraid to go the extra mile to get what they want. While you might think you know how to spot narcissists chances are you’re missing out on some signs you should be looking for.

If you’ve ever faced narcissistic abuse you know how dangerous being in the grasp of a narcissist for too long can be. Not only do they tear you down, but they also make you question who you are as a whole. To begin with they come in and sweep you off of your feet. They make you think you’ve found everything you’ve ever wanted and then when they have you right where they want you they flip a switch. 

That switch turns them into something extreme. Instead of being a kind, loving, caring partner they are now saying things you never imagined they ever would and all that perfection melts away. They start letting small things slip and as time passes they turn into someone you no longer recognize.

Narcissists groom people and go out of their way to target those who are easier for them to control. The deeper you get in with them the more traumatic your experience with them will become. When it comes to manipulation, narcissists are quick to gaslight their partners, sabotage their growth, always one-up them, and emotionally blackmail them. The more that you tell them the more they have to use against you.

Narcissists neglect their partner’s needs and only take their wants into consideration moving forth. They will exploit you and objectify you in any way that you will allow them to. The more you try to fix things and force them to do better by your relationship the harder it becomes. They lie when you confront them about things and always make sure they’re covering their rear ends when it comes to the things they do.

Everything the narcissist says and does is a means of gaining control or expressing control. These people don’t care if they hurt you and know exactly what to say to get you back under their wings. They are charming and when you decide to leave they will bring out the side of themselves that you actually want to see so that they can reel you back in.

Don’t let narcissists force you to do things that you don’t want to do and always hold your own regardless of who you’re around. For more information on how narcissists work check out the video below. Just because they don’t care about your wellbeing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

Narcissists should not be in your life and the more aware you are of them the better you can protect yourself from them.