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Narcissists are some of the worst people to have a conflict with because instead of working through the issues you’re both facing with one another, the narcissist closes off drastically. Instead of owning up to what they did to upset you, the narcissist will push your buttons until you explode and then act as if you reacted in an extreme manner over nothing.

Narcissists are some of the most charming people you will ever come across. Even when they’ve broken you down and made you feel like complete shit, they will come back and let this charming side shine just to get you back on their side. They will build you up just to break you down and being around them is as you’d expect it to be, quite exhausting.

These kinds of people are really good at all the games they play, and boy do they love to play them. When it comes to arguing with a narcissist cutting your losses and just breaking things off is always the better option. The more you engage with them, the more chances you allow them to regain control over you. 

As they open up more and more their mask comes off, and you see them for who they really are which in many ways should be a serious red flag. They will lie to you over and over again and when you need them the most they will not be there. They will hurt you time and time again only to never apologize properly. The more pain they put you through, the happier they will seem about it. Does that sound like something you want to experience?

They will attack you in more ways than you ever thought possible and when you’re trying your best to make things work, they will be doing the opposite. These kinds of people never feel bad when they do things that they shouldn’t, and they will play the victim over and over again for as long as you let them. 

The closer you allow narcissists in your life, the more unhappy you will become. They will gaslight you and leave you questioning whether or not you’re the one causing all of these issues, even though you have proof that you’re not the problem at all. You deserve better, and the quicker you realize that, the sooner you can work to overcome the connection you are stuck within.

There is nothing wrong with being upset over someone pushing you to your limits and trying to shove you over the edge. You are the only person in control of your life, and you need to take back your happiness. To learn more about how narcissistic relationships work and why you should do your best to avoid them, please check out the video below.

Your reaction was not as extreme as it was made out to be, and taking the blame for something that is not your fault is not the route you want to take. While getting back to normal and cutting this narcissist off won’t be easy, but you can do it. You are capable of so much more than you realize.

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