Narcissists can affect us in tons of different ways. They can hurt us emotionally, mentally, and well they can even make us physically sick depending on how things play out. 

You see, the way we sometimes process trauma and pain overall which is caused by the narcissist can leave us physically sick. You may end up so anxious and on edge that you puke or have entirely no appetite or perhaps you even end up facing something worse. While this might not sound like much to some, to those facing it, it’s quite the issue. 

Dealing with narcissistic abuse can leave you facing things like adrenal fatigue, alopecia, insomnia, tension headaches, and so much more. You’re not crazy, they are literally making you sick, and allowing them to have a presence in your life is only bringing you down. If you really want to get better and heal properly, cutting ties is your best bet moving forth.

If you want to avoid these things entirely you need to know what to deal with and what not to deal with from other people. If someone is bringing you down stop allowing them power over you. I know, that in itself is easier said than done but you should keep it in mind moving forward. 

Now, when it comes to healing from the abuse you’ve faced and really getting back to normal without being ‘sick’ all the time you need to first cut ties and detach from the narcissist as a whole. If he or she doesn’t have access to you that supply is cut and you can begin to work on yourself more properly. From here focus on yourself and your own wellbeing. Stop thinking about your narcissist and what he or she may be doing or thinking right now. 

While they will be on your mind for a while and you will be tempted to go back, remain strong. Address the things you’re going through and where they came from. For instance, if you struggle to open up to others break down why you struggle with exactly that. Make the changes you need in order to feel better and start really putting your own wellbeing first. 

If you need outside help don’t hesitate to reach for it. While it can feel a bit odd reaching out in this sense, it’s important to get the support you need in all you’re going through. Talk to the people who care and do what is best for you above all else. From here healing and getting better physically, mentally, emotionally and so much more is possible.

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