When it comes to narcissists they will go to great lengths to get control of the people they want control of. While most people just think they’re a bit self-centered, things run deeper than that. 

Now, for those who do not know narcissists are people who have something many people refer to as narcissistic personality disorder. These people are ego-driven, tend to think they are better than others, and well are quite hard to deal with when they’re true narcissists. They come across as very charming but underneath it all, they are manipulative and quite vain. 

Narcissistic people use tons of different tactics to get the things they want but one of the things I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t realize they do is love bomb. Narcissists love bomb because this is how they get others to be more attached to them and drawn in. While at first all of the attention they’re giving you feels great and you feel like you’re special to them, like you’ve finally found someone you never thought you’d find but once that mask comes off everything changes. 

Psychology Today wrote as follows going over what love bombing is:

Getting hit by a love bomb feels glorious. The lavish attention and affection seem to answer our prayers. We’ve found Mr. or Ms. Right — our soul mate — unsuspecting that we’ve been targeted by a narcissist. The bomber abruptly changes colors and loses interest, and our dream comes crashing down. The rejection is excruciating, especially at the height of romance. It’s a traumatic shock to our hearts. We feel duped, betrayed, and abandoned. We’re confused and try to make sense of the nightmare that was once a dream. What we thought was real was, in fact, a mirage. We search for answers, doubt, and blame ourselves, often losing trust in ourselves and the opposite sex.

Sometimes, partners are ghosted by their disappearing suitor, or are dumped by text, email, or a call. If they’re rejected in person, they’re bewildered by the coldness of the narcissist, who just recently expressed love and promised an amazing future together. They may discover that they’ve been disposed of for a new prospect, cheated on, or two-timed all along. It’s devastating and can be hard to let go, because all of their memories are happy and wonderful. It takes time to accept the truth of who the bomber really was. Denial protects victims from the painful truth that the relationship was not what they imagined.

You see, the narcissist uses the person they’re fixated on as their supply and once they have them where they want them, their true colors come out. Sure, love bombing feels great at first and for a while, you might think you’re on top of the world but that never lasts. Sometimes this can even become extreme and leave a person feel as though they’re being literally stalked.

When it comes to this kind of thing you have to read between the lines above all else. Just because someone is showing you affection doesn’t mean they’re right for you or that they have your best interest in mind. If you think that someone is love bombing you or that they’re just not what you want, there is nothing wrong with leaving them and you should never forget that. 

To learn more about love bombing take a peek at the video below. This we all need to be aware of. Narcissists are quite cunning and the more you know, the more prepared you can be.

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