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Narcissists are sometimes quite good at hiding their true colors. They will sweep you off of your feet and make you feel as though you’re the luckiest person in the world only to tear you down soon after.

Fools Love

Narcissistic people are not as black and white as most assume. They come with tons of different manipulation tactics and some are much more cunning than others. They can ruin your well-being as a whole and are truly incapable of creating meaningful relationships that will last.

They real you in with their serpent tongue, telling you everything you have always wanted to hear. Soon after you will start to notice small things off, but they will assure you with their being that everything is okay. The truth is, they make it look like it is okay until it is not, and by then it is too late to do anything about it.

They need to be the center of attention and will go out of their way to make sure that is exactly how things end up. They will forever make those who love them feel as though they are not good enough to be in their presence and pull from them all they possibly can. To the narcissist you are not a lover or a partner, you are a toy and their property. Once they have gotten all they need from you or something ‘better’ comes along they will throw you away.

Narcissists are driven by the idealized image they have of themselves and want to convince the whole world that they are what they appear to be even when they are not. They will blame you for things you have no control over and threaten you when you refuse to do the things they want you to do, does that sound like love to you?

The Narcissist and Gaslighting 

One of the worst things that usually comes out of narcissistic relationships is gaslighting and that in itself is something that can take your whole life from you if you allow the narcissist to overpower you. Gaslighting consists of several forms of psychological abuse that make up forcing you to perceive your reality in a way different than what it is. Yes, narcissists will sometimes literally drive you mad and do-so on purpose.

Rather than admitting that they’ve done something wrong they will force YOU into an apology and act as if you are the one who had hurt their feelings or made the mistake. They will do anything they can to gain as much control over you as they possibly can. They will make you doubt yourself and turn you into an emotional wreck.

Final Warning 

The idea that being with a narcissist is a bad idea might sound a bit exaggerated but I assure you it is not. In the world of relationships, none end worse than those with these kinds of people. The narcissist wants to cut you off from the people you care about and make you rely on just their efforts.

They want to ruin you in every aspect of the word. They gain from weakening you and as hard as that is to swallow it is something that you and everyone else needs to come to terms with. When someone comes out of a relationship with a narcissist they have to go through a lot of healing and in many cases therapy as well to really regain all that has been lost.

This kind of thing is not a joke and while you might assume it could never happen to you, it might be going on right now under your nose and building up. To learn more about the dangers of narcissistic abuse please check out the video below. This kind of thing is far more common than you might assume.