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This month is going to be doing a lot for us all. We will be pushed in the world of success and as it seems our love lives will be impacted as well.

The past few months have been pretty rough on us all. Relationship wise we have been going through a lot of turmoil and emotional distress. We have been face to face with one miscommunication after another and well, things just haven’t felt like they should. This could have landed you in the middle of a big argument or even forced you into the single life depending on how affected you were.

Because retrograde season is coming to an end things will finally be getting back to normal. Things like retrogrades and eclipses are hard for us to deal with. They take us out of our normal and shake the whole world. They conflict one another and cause chaos in our lives. Chances are during this time you have not been yourself at all.

Now that September is finally here you can begin putting the pieces of your life back together. You can begin focusing on your desires. The game of love is finally going to be moving forward again and you will no longer feel stuck. You will be able to through the new moon in just a few days (September 6th) work on yourself and your dating life.

Because the new moon will be in Virgo it is going to ignite a lot of passion within us all. You will be more expressive and ready to continue on your journey. While things might be a bit confusing they will not be anywhere near as frustrating as they have been.

This year is not quite over just yet and you have a lot to do in the months to come. You will be guided towards someone whether you want to be or not. The closer attention you pay the better your outcome will be. Don’t just expect to be able to jump into things without thinking them through.

Now that Mercury is direct communicating will become easy once again. You will be able to clear up any problems you have been having and you will be able to get your point across once and for all. Don’t obsess over romance and love but also don’t cut yourself off from it. If the opportunity presents itself, take it.

To learn more about what might be in store for you this month feel free to check out the video below. What do you think? Could this be your romantic month? I for one am a bit nervous to find out what is to come.