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We all go through things in this world as we move through it and some of those things hold us back while others push us forward. We all have to figure out how to make progress in our own ways.

Not too long ago I came across an article on Oprah’s website written by a Dr. Wayne W. Dyer who was going over some interesting points about ambition. Within this article, he noted that Carl Jung himself was quite big on archetypes. Carl Jung for those who do not know was a Swiss Psychologist who, even now, is extremely well-known. Jung helped develop some of the most important concepts we continue to go over in modern times and through his works a lot can be learned.

Dyer within the article noted above went over four specific archetypes that were either from Jung’s research or created by his own mind (which of the two we are unsure of). These four archetypes could be referred to as more-so stages depending on how you look at things as moving through them is seemingly imperative for each of us. Now, that being said there are going to be people in this world who skip phases but that will not be the case with everyone.

Those four archetypes are as follows:

The Athlete 

The Warrior

The Statesman

The Spirit

Now, while you might think that these names are quite silly, they are named as such for specific reasons. The athlete represents a more ambitious stage of life. This being a stage that we perhaps find ourselves unable to move away from depending on how we progress. It is a much more selfish place to live and from it, you’re only focused on how you are and where you’re headed.

From this archetype, we move into the archetype of the warrior. This is a more-so adult phase of our lives and holds a lot of goals within it. We work much harder in this area and are more prepared to dive into battle or get things done so that we can achieve more. Very much like the athlete some people get stuck in this archetype as well. 

If someone manages to move on from the athlete archetype and the warrior archetype they may end up facing the statesman archetype which Dyer explains in his article as being much more useful to the rest of the world. This place in life is much more selfless than the previous ones and is rooted in ‘making this world a better place for others and for those who will be here long after we are gone.’

The last archetype Dyer went over was the spirit which to me is the most important one to note. This is the one that most people will never find themselves within. This archetype is all about realizing that we are not just humans but spiritual beings. In this area, our energies as a whole work to shift into a more transformative state and we begin to understand this world more and more.

Which state or type do you think you’re stuck in? Or are you moving freely through them? I for one find that I am somewhere in-between the warrior and the statesman. While I would like to believe I was at the spirit already I find sometimes that accepting the spiritual side is a bit more complex than I would like for it to be.

For Information on becoming a better version of yourself please check out the video below. Regardless of where these concepts came from they are quite interesting to read through and learn about. This life is all about progress and we should do our best to make sure we comprehend that properly.