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Throughout our lives, we will have to cut lots of people off. Some of these people we will miss and others we might not, just because someone is alive does not mean you cannot mourn the loss that you associate with them.

While you could technically reach out sometimes we are better off without these people in our lives and that is where things begin to complicate themselves tremendously. Mourning someone you can still get updates from is frustrating at best, but in the end, doing it is fine and can help. As we move through life many people become big parts of who we are and how we move forward, as those people come and go mourning is inevitable.

Instead of appreciating the moments you shared with this person, you might end up torn inside. Mourning goes through quite a few stages, and some of them might leave you wondering what needs to happen next. Rather than reminiscing on the good times, you’re stuck crying over the lack of things to come in the future with this person. While their presence in your life might have brought you down or you two were simply before one another at the wrong time, missing them and wanting them to be back in your life is something that we cannot avoid at least on some level.

In the end, running back to this person isn’t an option, and you have to keep moving forward and learn to overcome the pain you’re feeling inside. You might still feel this pain or look back on this person years from now, but it won’t be the same. Remembering what caused the split, to begin with, is always going to be in your best interest as your own well-being is the most important thing once all is said and done.

We can always have love for someone from a distance and care for them without being in their lives. Of course, it isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to allow you to remove that toxicity from your life and leave room for you to grow into the person you’ve always been meant to be. Learning to be yourself and not having to be so on edge is worth it.

When you’re working to move forward and still looking back at the past know that there is nothing wrong with what you’re doing. The past is not something we should close ourselves off from. You are valid in being upset for having to leave this person behind. Just because things didn’t last forever, and you’ve moved on doesn’t mean that you can’t still wonder about them or get upset from time to time.

Cutting this person out of your life and deciding to focus on yourself wasn’t easy and maintaining that decision is also not easy. You are strong and powerful. You can accomplish anything but that doesn’t mean you are not human. We are all human, and we all crave things we sometimes do not deserve be it positive or negative.

You are not a magician and you cannot fix someone who refuses to fix themselves. Moving in reverse is only going to cause you more pain. The emotions you’re facing right now will not be constant, and they will eventually face, trust in yourself. You are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine.