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African astrology is a lot different from the ‘zodiac’ stuff we see more commonly. African astrology is thought to be far more accurate.

It is said that geomancy is very deeply rooted in African astrology which makes it all the more interesting. This is basically when bones (and other things) are tossed down randomly to form lines and arrows. They are then organized into different levels and this is from there interpreted into meaning.

With the African ‘zodiac’ signs there are also 12. These are related to the figures that were made from those bone tosses and so forth. Below I am going to go over each so looks for your birthday to see what your African astrological sign is and go from there to see what it holds for you.

Mine was chilling and yet empowering at the same time and I hope you have the same experience. These signs are a lot more complex than I thought they would be and hold far more for each of us than I feel our normal signs do. Did you connect with your African zodiac sign?

The Baobab Tree (January 4th-February 3rd)

People born of this sign are honest and thoughtful in character. They are quite realistic and tend to be very opportunistic as well. These people are generally quite successful and tend to have their paths laid out quite well.

The Wealth of Amber and Silver (February 4th-March 5th)

People born under this sign are usually quite nervous individuals. They are unique and perceive things differently. These people are, however, able to refuse temptation much easier than most. They are strong and very smart.

The Family (March 6th-April 4th)

People born under this sign are often very kind people. They are never selfish or rude. They are people who are meant for greatness and work wonders on this world. They do not let anything hold them back.

Small Services to the Neighborhood (April 5th-May 4th)

People born under this sign are friendly and good at making sure they are able to carry on. They are able to remain calm in even the most intense situations but are not good at making decisions. They often procrastinate far too much.

The Market (May 5th-June 4th)

People born under this sign are very peace guided and tend to avoid danger as best they can. They do not like conflict or confrontation. They spend a lot of energy on relationships that aren’t going anywhere be them romantic or otherwise. This is easily one of the most ‘distressed’ African zodiac signs.

The Ancestor (June 5th-July 4th)

People born under this sign are a bit self-centered and do not always notice the things those around them are feeling. They are a bit melancholy in the way they feel or the aura they put off but it is something they can work through. When you get to know them you will see that they are quite interesting and wonderful people.

The Judge (July 5th-August 4th)

People born under this sign are really good at making decisions even in rough situations. They always seem to know what to do. They are able to see the point of views of those around them and this puts them at an advantage. They are able to overcome far more than most.

The Kola Nut (August 5th-September 3rd)

People born under this sign are a bit unstable but fun. They are very energetic and high strung, to say the least. They have a talent for pissing people off and getting on the bad sides of well, everyone around them. They are the kind of people who start off being liked and by the end of the day no one wants to be around them.

The Travelers (September 4th-October 3rd)

People born under this sign are often misunderstood. They are not able to trust as easily as they should be and it puts them at a disadvantage. They do not even trust themselves and therefore their intuition goes to waste. These people are on a journey far different from the journeys of everyone else and they must figure out who they are.

The Distance (October 4th-November 3rd)

People born under this sign are much stronger than they realize. They are always following their intuition and chasing their dreams. They do not accept defeat without putting up a good fight and they always want more.

The Child of the World (November 4th-December 3rd)

People born under this sign are strong and generous. They care for the people in their lives more than can be explained. They are not easy to break and work to overcome all things in their paths. These people are headed towards happiness and comfort, they know it.

The Harvest in the Granary (December 4th-January 3rd)

People born under this sign are quite exciting, they are always attracting happiness. They do need to work on their intuition and how to trust it more but overall they have things together. They are energetic and ready for action at most all times.

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