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Empaths for those who might not know are people who have the ability to feel the emotions of others and take those emotions on as their own. While there are several different kinds of empaths they all have this in common. 

The most powerful kind of empath is the Heyoka empath. This empath is much more in tune with the world around him/her and rather than being open to just the emotions of people, this kind of empath is open to the emotions of animals and even nature itself. This kind of empath is not as common as most would assume and is very under-recognized for a few different reasons. 

Heyoka empaths are able to really come to terms with the vibrations of all living things within their range and because of that, they are not easy to read. They are highly intuitive and very creative, all the while doing as much good for the connections they are growing as possible. Now, for those who might not be aware, the word Heyoka itself has Native American origins and basically means ‘sacred clown.’

This in many ways sums up the Heyoka empath, as they use their sense of humor to really benefit the people in their lives and work through the feelings they’re facing. This kind of empath above all others sees the world in a very interesting way and if you think you might be a Heyoka the signs below could be something you should look for in your life. 

While you might not feel as though you resonate with all of these signs, if you are able to identify with most of them, you could be a Heyoka. These kinds of empaths are not usually as willing to reveal themselves, so once you realize how gifted you are, do your best to make changes in the world around you without letting things get into your head. Do you view the world in a way similar to that of the Heyoka?

9 Signs You’re A Powerful Heyoka:

1. You find yourself accidentally interrupting people frequently.

While you might not want to interrupt others you do so often. This is because you have so much to share with the people around you. Even when you feel like you’ve finished, something else will come forth.

2. Everyone says they are drawn to your sense of humor.

You are a very humorous person. You are constantly breaking the ice and making people laugh. Lots of people love to be around you because of how truly funny and warm you come across as in general.

3. You’re always breaking the ‘norm.’

You are not normal in any sense of the word. You stand out above all else and are very unique. The people around you are very aware of how truly inspirational you are and when it comes to fitting in, you never will.

4. You’re able to sense changes in other people.

When someone is going through something or changing, in general, you can sense it. You can feel the things happening inside of the people around you and thus are able to help when they don’t realize they even need help at all. Your presence is a very powerful one.

5. You are extremely creative overall.

People know you as the person who always thinks outside of the box. You’re constantly coming up with new ways to do things and thinking of things no one else ever could. You’re extremely imaginative and always full of passion.

6. You can literally feel other people’s emotions.

As all empaths can, you can feel the things others are feeling. You are capable of taking on their emotions and making them your own. Nothing gets past you in this sense.

7. You feel very uncomfortable when you have something to solve you cannot work through.

You never know how to slow down. When you’re working on something, you have to get things done before you can really relax. You are very uncomfortable when trying to settle down, all the while still needing to work. You try your hardest to even make progress while you’re asleep.

8. You’re able to spot a liar from a mile away.

You can read people better than anyone else. When someone is lying or being ingenuine you can tell quickly. The more deceptive someone is trying to be the more clear their intentions become in your mind.

9. You change a lot of people’s lives.

You are always working to help the people around you. You go out of your way to make differences and always impact the people who need you the most in positive ways. People never know how to take the things you offer, but they are grateful nonetheless.