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Optical illusions and things of the sort sweep the internet from time to time and while we love them, we also hate them. Sometimes they’re easy to figure out and other times it takes forever to see what you should be seeing.

I have noticed in recent times a specific ‘illusion’ of sorts making its rounds once again and it has me with a slight headache and finally glad that I can see what some are also able to see. This illusion is an image with black and white lines they zig-zag in opposite directions across the image and well, it’s a lot. While at first glance this image is nothing more than well ‘hard to look at’ there is more to it than that. Hidden within this image is some kind of animal. 

Below I am going to add that image so that you can take a peek for yourself. Do you see an animal? It’s not tiny and hidden off somewhere, it’s quite big and once you see it you’ll likely be amazed. If you’re having trouble also consider putting some distance between you and your screen.

(Image Source:

If you’re still not quite able to see it, take a moment to let your eyes rest before having another go at it. When coming back try to stare in the center of the image for a few seconds before starting to squint and slightly tit your head. This helped me to see things better and may also benefit you. If now you can see the animal you know it’s one in a shape most of us are quite familiar with. If you know what the WWF is you might think it looks almost identical to their logo. 

For more illusions to help you pass the time check out the video below. These kinds of things always get under my skin but boy do I love them. How long did it take you to see the panda?

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