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Some people just can’t handle the truth, and a truly empathetic woman is just that: she is raw, she is real, and she is completely uncensored with her love, processing emotions on the deepest level possible. And while some men may understand her to be the gem that she is, most are terrified of her truth.

As time has progressed, our culture becomes more and more obsessed with the right now, and the right in front of them. Digging less and less into the depths of the souls of others, many modern men just don’t care for anything less than a fling. While they may enjoy the idea of depth, when it comes down to it, most are conditioned to want a fleeting moment, rather than something that lasts forever. With that being said, empathetic women, or at least those that are truly empathetic, have a lot of depth to offer. Sadly, some men just aren’t up for the task of handling such an amazing soul.

1. Empathetic females completely invest in their relationships.

Caring very little for anything less than real, empathetic women don’t care for mind games. Either you are all in or you are all out. They won’t put up with someone who plays with their heart, and for good reason: they know what they bring to the table.

2. She questions EVERYTHING.

She picks up on everything, from his words to his body language, and because of this, she asks questions. And for some men, a woman who is challenging can be frustrating, especially when she puts him on the spot, and finds out exactly what he is up to.

3. She can’t be lied to.

An empathetic female feels emotions quite deeply and senses things in an almost supernatural manner. She can sniff a lie a mile away, and she is quick to call it out.

4. She can see right through the bullsh*t.

He may think he has covered all the bases, but a truly empathetic woman knows what is really going on. She knows when someone isn’t on the same page as she is, and she isn’t sticking around to find out when you will be.

5. She knows exactly what she wants.

And if you aren’t it, she won’t stay in a situation that doesn’t make her happy. She wants real or nothing. It’s that simple.

6. She sees the best and the worst in all people.

While she wants to see just the best, she can sense the worst too. All those dark qualities he’s hiding will quickly unravel, moving to the surface and with a quickness.

7. She is independent.

For some men, a woman who can handle herself, all by herself is a turn-off for some reason. And she is exactly that.

8. Her energy is intense.

She feels everything very deeply. Due to this, she may seem a bit intense, and oftentimes, men can’t handle her intensity.

9. She will put her foot down real fast.

When a man isn’t treating the empathetic woman, she is going to say something. She isn’t one to let anyone run over her and leave her looking stupid. Unfortunately, some men just can’t handle it.

10. She can’t be caged or tamed.

While she loves fiercely, and her loyalty is on point, she cannot be trained, tamed or caged. She cannot and will not be controlled.