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If you are an empath, then you know how lonely it can be. Sure, you might be surrounded by people you care about and you do feel connected but you also don’t feel like you really fit in anywhere.

No matter where you go or how hard you try belonging is just not something you are capable of. Sure, some days are better than others but regardless that feeling is always present in the back of your mind, right? This is not something you should be ashamed of or assume means you are any less than the people in your life. Because of the energy level, you operate on fitting in and feeling comfortable is not going to always be possible.

Empaths are very powerful and gifted people. They have abilities others could never dream of, but it is not all as fun or inviting as it may seem. From the outside looking in, others will assume you have everything figured out but the truth is you take things day by day just like most other people do. Empaths can see people for who they truly are and read their intentions, because of that creating a proper bond with anyone is not as simple as we would want it to be.

Because empaths know themselves so well, they tend to get lost in other ways and it only adds fuel to the fire of not fitting in. That being said, not fitting in is kind of a good thing. Once you as an empath come to terms with the world before you and learn to really work with your gifts you will begin to feel a lot better.

Everything the empath is taught growing up contradicts how the empath will be as an adult for the most part. He or she has to really overcome a lot and in doing that might fail to really discover the one thing that holds he or she to this world. Empaths were placed here to heal others but before they can do that they must first heal themselves.

While it is a very confusing thing to go over the more you work with it the more you will understand. Empaths might be confusing but they are marvelous. Give seeking out other empaths a try, it might bring forth the guidance that you need.