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For a while now a dog food recall has been out but things just seem to be getting worse and worse. News of this recall, to begin with, came back in September and from there, brands have been seemingly stacking up.

According to Yahoo Life, it began with three brands and now is at over 15 brands. Most of this surrounding a company that makes several brands of dog food known as Sunshine Mills. These things all are on a list for recall as they could cause Aflatoxin poisoning. This for those who do not know is something that builds up in the systems of our pets and from there causes serious issues for them. They become sluggish, lose their appetites, and some end up even dealing with liver damage.

While these are just a few of the brands some involved on this recall are Family Pet Meat Cuts, Heartland Farms, Champ, and Sprout puppy. To see the full list of brands and products affected take a look by clicking here. These different things could be dangerous for our pets and avoiding them is important, if the lot codes line up we need to be tossing them out.

Yahoo Life wrote as follows on the topic:

This list is apt to grow as the FDA continues to investigate, however, in the interim, it’s important to completely dispose of any pet food products that have already been identified as being susceptible to contamination. Since dogs rely heavily on these dried foods, they have less variety in their diets, which means they are at higher risk of consuming a dangerous amount of aflatoxin. This type of toxin can accumulate in the dog’s system over time, and symptoms of poisoning can be delayed.

To learn more about this recall take a look at the video below. When it comes to recalls, we should be aware whether they are for us or for our animals. The things we consume matter and our pets are not an exception to this. They deserve to eat properly just as anyone else, period.

Aflatoxin poisoning can be dangerous and levels of aflatoxin within dog foods should be kept to a minimum. When it comes to our pets we are better safe than sorry. If you notice your pet experiencing the things noted above, please get them veterinary attention as soon as possible, time is of the essence.