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Sure, when you’re a mom you don’t have much free time but chances are if you’re taking just a little time each week to spend on yourself you’re a lot happier. If you’re not getting massages from time to time chances are you’re a lot tenser than you should be.

When you’re a mom you’re under a lot of stress, more stress than you would be under if you were not a mom that’s for sure and this stress takes a toll on your mind and your body. Whether you’re a mom who also goes out to work or a stay at home mom, chances are you really need some kind of release. Sure, not everyone can afford to go out and get a nice massage but if you have a partner or someone in your life who is willing to rub your feet or your back here and there then there are ways around that.

There are tons of benefits when it comes to massage and many of those benefits line up perfectly for those who are mothers. For instance, massages work wonders on headaches, stress-related insomnia, anxiety, and the list goes on. If you’ve never had a proper massage before perhaps you should consider having one.

Many women actually get massages early in their motherhood. Something called post-partum massage is a very prominent thing in this day and age. This specific kind of massage has been shown to be quite effective in helping a woman recover from birthing quicker and helping them have a smoother transition into motherhood itself. 

According to American Pregnancy’s website massage through relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and other things of the sort it helps to lower stress hormones and bring relaxation over our bodies. This also comes in handy with the everyday aches and pains you’ll feel as a parent having to do as much as you do and even the residual body aches you may face after pregnancy itself. 

Some of the benefits for moms when it comes to massage according to Matrix Massage Spa are alone time, pain and ache relief, rejuvenation, and other things of the sort. Knowing you have this outlet and embracing it properly along with those benefits will make you as a mom much happier overall. While there will be people who don’t think it’s their cup of tea, most women will find that it is quite the treat and well worth it. 

There is a lot of science behind why massages are beneficial for people as a whole the concept of it making us happier is all about the stress hormones decreasing and happy hormones increasing. This gives us a mood boost and can make being a mom a lot less hectic in our own minds. What do you think about all of this? Do you like massages as a parent or have you never had one?


Benefits of Massage for New Moms