The late Mister Rogers was and still is an icon to many of us. As someone who grew up watching him on TV, I was devastated when he finally passed. 

Fred Rogers was everyone’s neighbor and that much I am sure we can all agree on. He worked hard to tackle very real issues and educate children on them in a way that was not overwhelming. Sure, many people see him and the things he’s done in his life as something unreal because of how kind and caring he truly was but there is nothing fake about it. 

All of that having been said, he was still human and as we all do still liked to cut up from time to time. According to his wife Joanne Rogers who recently did an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he actually liked to pass gas in public to get her chuckling. As he rose to fame through the years they as a couple had to go to many events, some of which were quite boring, and he would always spice things up by raising one cheek and letting a toot out.

The couple were extremely close and were able to truly see one another properly through their years together. If true love does exist, that was and is what these two share even now that Mister Rogers is no longer of this world. Mister Rogers was according to his wife hilarious and always bringing a smile to her face.

“He would just raise one cheek, and he would look at me and smile,” – Joanne Rogers told LAT as she laughed

Joanne might not be the young woman she once was but even now at 91 she is quite the spitfire and from what it seems everyone who gets the chance to speak with her truly enjoys her company and cannot get enough. Something I learned through reading the interview myself about Mister Rogers himself was that he was an ordained Presbyterian minister, throughout all my years of watching his show I never knew that. This is because he never talked about religion on his program. He kept things open for children of all religious backgrounds and I believe that his ability to do-so is astounding. That in itself is something to praise as it allows everyone a chance to gain the insight on topics they need to from a young age without feeling attacked or being bombarded with religious things that may differ from that of their household and cause them to stop watching.

There is clearly a side to Rogers that we as his viewers never saw but through his wife we are able to learn more and more about that side and as a result wishing that we had got to see more of whom this man truly was. For more information on Mister Rogers overall please check out the video below. This man truly was something special.

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