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While a lot of people are afraid of the face they see in their reflection, perhaps for some that is warranted. Mirrors are a lot more than what they are usually made out to be. 

Mirrors can be powerful weapons and honestly, there is nothing wrong with cleansing yours as you cleanse your house. Mirrors like the ones you find in your bathroom can be used to gain access or take a peek at a different realm if you know what you’re doing. While this kind of thing is often overlooked or cast off as unreal, it’s very real. 

I know, that might sound odd but if you’re someone tuned into the witchy side of things you’ve likely already heard this before. Some cultures actually even go so far as to cover the mirrors in a person’s house when they are close to death and after they’ve passed so that their souls do not get stuck inside of them. While not many partake in the magic that can be done with mirrors these days, it is still quite present in the world. 

It should also be noted that mirrors can hold negative entities as well. If you’ve heard things about haunted mirrors before perhaps those accounts should be taken to heart. Mirrors are something lots of people know as being gateways to separate dimensions and if you have ever gotten onto any kind of forum looking for a ‘crazy story’ on the topic, I’m sure you’ve found plenty. Within these forums is how I learned the dangers of placing two mirrors across from one another. This creates a portal for those who might not be aware.

Whether you view your mirror as a gateway within yourself or a gateway to somewhere else, it should be treated with respect and kept operating on a proper frequency. We should be smudging our mirrors and even cleansing them with water as we see fit. While this all might be a bit confusing being aware of it is important. 

The Awakened State wrote as follows on the topic:

Mirrors are always about reflection of ourselves. They symbolize a gateway, if you think about a mirror as a symbol a mirror is a reflection of looking within yourself so therefore a mirror represents your subconscious mind. Your internal world. The Mirror is a gateway between the conscious and subconscious. Not everyone likes looking into the mirror, looking into our own abyss looking behind our face. It reminds me of the card of the Moon. The moon is all about illusions and seeing behind the mask of ourselves. Entering the Underworld and exploring the Depths of your Soul. The dark and the light. 

Seeing yourself already on the other side shows to me the veil is down. The subconscious and the conscious are intertwined as the spirit world and the material world are interconnected together as one. You’re looking back FROM the other side of the veil. Meaning you are looking back at the past self.

Different people believe different things but if you ask me, all of these things are true but you need to be more tuned in to the world around you to access each means as you may wish. While I do not keep many mirrors in my house, I am not afraid of them. While mirrors can be dangerous if not cared for properly, they can also bring forth a lot of positivity and abundance if truly handled well. 

Mirrors are also thought to play a big role in astral projection. To learn more about that please check out the video below. Do you believe in the magic mirrors hold?