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Far too often we allow the opinions of others to control our lives. We forget how important our own opinion is and refuse to see things from the perspective we should.

You might not be the most amazing person in the world but you are not what everyone else says you are. You are the only person who knows your truth. No one else sees your struggles or the pain you feel. I recently came across Kyle Cease online who makes very inspirational videos. One video in particular really stood out to me.

This video was titled “Why People’s Opinions Of You Aren’t Real” and really got me thinking. This video reminded me and I hope can also remind you that being yourself is a wonderful thing. Sure, our jobs and futures are important but so is our here and now. We can be whoever we want to be, we don’t have to try and be someone the world wants us to be and we don’t have to try and fit in so hard.

This world is so much more than we tend to realize. There is wonder all around us and we hardly ever see it. If we would let go of our obsession with others we would be able to finally stop and smell the roses.

Cease has a collection of inspirational videos online and if you haven’t taken the time to check him out you really should. He covers everything from financial advice to meditation. You can click here to check out the rest of his videos.

Now, whether you are someone that already doesn’t listen to the things other people say or you are someone that takes everything to heart you can take something away from the video below. I believe Cease does a very good job of bringing people together in ways most others would not. Please, listen to his words below and really let them sink in.

Image via Kyle Cease

Featured Video Via Kyle Cease YouTube