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Rich people all over the world have their own bunkers or have paid to have a piece of a massive bunker collectively somewhere else, this is something we all know. That being said, most people don’t realize how amazing these bunkers can be. 

If something horrible happened to the world, places like this are where those with wealth and power would end up going. They would be living it up in these bunkers and well everyone else would be outside fending for themselves. While I cannot afford to get into any bunkers like this one, after seeing a tour I sure wish I could. 

I recently came across a video of someone from CNET who got to tour a bunker that went down 15 full floors. This enormous bunker was/is basically 200 feet below the ground as a whole. While the complex itself was made a very long time ago, those in control of it today have been as time passes making updates to it. Thus keeping it fantastic and well, completely mind-blowing. 

This bunker for those who do not know is known as the Survival Condo. It is a monolithic dome that has air filtration, special electrical sources, water sources, a general store, theater, bar, library, classroom, pool, spa, gym, and so much more. The list of things this bunker has is truly amazing. Those who can afford to are able to buy luxury condos within it. These include full-floor layouts and almost 2,000 square feet of living space as a whole aside from the shared spaces. 

While they also have half-floor layouts, the full floor layouts are truly something else. As you will see in the video below once you go into something like this it’s almost hard to come to terms with the fact that you’re so far down in the ground. With so much to do, would you even miss the outside world? 

What do you think about this huge bunker? I for one would rather live there than in my home currently. It’s truly something like nothing else and well, it’s fantastic. While staying here during the apocalypse comes with a steep price but would it be worth it? I for one think it might. 

If you want to learn more about this specific bunker you can click here. To be honest, the fact that places like this exist really is hard to wrap my head around. I would personally love to visit something like this if ever given the chance someday.