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While it might not look like much these tiny pod homes known as ‘conkers’ are quite amazing. When I first saw them I thought they were extremely futuristic and it seems many agree on that as well.

According to Conkerliving, these specific pod-style holes were firstborn back in 2015 and well they’ve come a long way since. They come in full-sphere and semi-sphere options and don’t take long to install at all. They are easily expandable and offer decent heating overall. While you’ll need more than one if you want to have a bathroom or small kitchen area, overall they are quite interesting to see.

According to ‘,’ these pods measure around 13′ in diameter and are basically all custom fit to the buyer’s needs as a whole. They are made of aluminum and upcycled plastic which makes them much better than some of the alternatives when it comes to the impact they have on our planet. People have done all kinds of different things with them and sure, just one might be a bit small and not look like much but when you let creativity flourish with these pods, anything is possible.

(Credit: Conkerliving)

You can also basically make the outside look however you’d like, you can get them in a variety of colors, and well, they kind of look like giant golf balls on tees to me. These lock well and are quite safe as a whole. While I won’t be rushing out to get one, I would not mind having a few and living within them.

(Credit: Conkerliving)

Glamping Business wrote as follows on these interesting pods:

Designed by Cheshire-based automotive engineer Jag Virdie, the Conker is his personal dream made real. Jag’s experience with Roll-Royce, Bentley, and Lotus and, since he went freelance, with aerospace clients too, has taught him to design with the customer’s comfort and safety at the front of mind in every stroke of his pen – an approach known as ‘User-Centred Design.’

He says: “Aerospace and automotive engineers have learned how to integrate engineering excellence into understanding what the customer wants and I’m bringing this same philosophy to construction. With that in mind, I also wanted to focus on what our planet really needs to.

“With our increased awareness of the depletion of natural resources, I applied the most state-of-the-art thinking to the design, to ensure absolutely minimal impact on any environment in which it is placed and in its ongoing operation.

“It can be erected in just one day and built to operate completely off the grid, via solar panels. It can also be hooked up to a mains electric grid, or be fitted with rechargeable batteries. We can even use mini HEP stations near running water and wind power, to cover all eventualities. This means it’s suitable for use in even very remote locations, where, because of its four minimal anchor points, it has almost zero impact upon the ground in which it is set. The spherical design allows for natural run-off when it rains and no, or very small, foundations ensures zero impact on natural drainage. For the occupiers, a heat-exchange pump ensures a comfortable maintained temperature and a constant flow of fresh air, which really aids sleep and optimizes the body’s metabolism.

“The glamping Conker can be designed to offer a bedroom with room for a double bed; storage space for clothes, shoes, etc; a kitchenette; and even an en-suite with a loo and a shower. It’s perfect for glampers seeking the outdoor experience, without any niggling discomforts. We can even link multiple Conkers, to create extra bedrooms, bigger bathrooms or kitchens, a sitting room – really, the only limit is your imagination!

“It’s a solid year-round glamping solution that will extend the operating calendar for managed glamping parks that doesn’t cost the earth, either in economic or environmental terms.”

Now, while in that article camping in these unique things is being gone over but if you wanted to live in one, you could and it wouldn’t take up much space at all. When it comes to tiny living, this is just about as tiny as it can get. After all, in the long run, it might be cheaper than renting an apartment for your whole life, right?

Whether you think they’re a waste of money or not, you cannot deny how neat they are. To learn more about these peculiar pods take a look at the video below. Would you live in something like this?