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This retrograde begins in Scorpio and ends in Libra. It right now has us bringing up unresolved emotions and well, some things we’re dealing with are quite unexpected. You may feel angry, on edge, and getting your point across might seem impossible.

While this retrograde is perfect for winding down and trying to figure things out, it’s not the best for really moving forward. During this period you should be trying to think things through and working to let go of the things that would be holding you back in your everyday life. Lots of changes are going to be happening all around you as time passes and how you face those changes matters.

We are all going to be listening to our hearts more right now and that for some is going to be very hard to accomplish. The more you let your intuitive side out the more clear things will become in your life. The baggage you’ve been carrying along for so long is only weighing you down and until you make things clear and get where you need to be, you’re not going to be too happy.

During this period you need to be more patient than usual and really take things one step at a time. Think about the things you’re going to say before you say them and stop pushing yourself so hard. If you’re feeling down-and-out stop and consider what is making you feel that way. Cutting ties once all this is over might be a good idea.

Astrology King wrote as follows on the energies at hand:

Mercury retrograde can make it harder to perform mental tasks that require patience and self-discipline. Mercury retrograde opposite Uranus makes this even more challenging because of a low concentration span and a tendency to be easily distracted.

This is a better time to free your mind of responsibility and stay open-minded. You could make new discoveries, experience flashes of insight, or meet exciting new people who challenge your way of thinking.

But when socializing, it is important to listen carefully and think twice before speaking. Mercury opposite Uranus gives a tendency to blurt things out that may shock and offend. You may also feel the urge to instinctively take the other side and end up arguing for the sake of it. Teasing and practical jokes could get out of hand.

Mercury opposite Uranus brings unexpected meetings with people or meetings with odd people or those from very different backgrounds than your own. Mercury retrograde means you could meet someone from your past, or even from a past life.

This period in itself is going to be one full of transformation, and we should do our best to make the most of it. Living your truth is important and perhaps you should be working to figure out your true thoughts and where you really want to head in life. The emotions you’re feeling are confusing but you can work through them if you truly want to.