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Mercury is now retrograding and will be retrograding until February 20th. This is something we experience often but the energies we’re facing this time around are not as simple as we might be used to.

While we already know that Mercury retrograding tends to bring forth a lot of communication issues and things of that nature, it also brings out a lot of tension which is nowhere near ideal during the romantic holiday that is Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day with Mercury being a bit out of whack, each zodiac sign should be aware of the things to come. I know, this might sound a bit all over the place but if you’re nervous right now you should take the time to read below what your sign may have in store once this lovey-dovey holiday rolls around.


The Aries on Valentine’s Day is going to be experiencing a lot of tension and well, that could work to their advantage or hold them back depending on how things play out. Don’t be too bold right now, see where things go and if someone says something that you don’t quite understand stop to think things through before you respond. You don’t want to turn this holiday into something toxic.


The Taurus on Valentine’s Day is going to be feeling a bit left out for several different reasons but the more they take the time to reconnect the happier they will become. You shouldn’t be assuming the worst all of the time. Just keep in mind that no one is perfect and see where things go.


The Gemini on Valentine’s Day might end up actually having a lot of fun for once. You’re in a good place right now and unless something crazy happens between now and this holiday you’ve got a lot of positivity headed your direction. That being said, do be careful as you move forth, one wrong move and things could go south quickly.


The Cancer on Valentine’s Day might not be feeling too well. You could end up losing someone very special to you. This could be a crush or even a long time lover. That being said, if you don’t make any rash decisions you could end up saving yourself a lot of heartaches. Just stop putting your faith in the wrong people, it will do you a lot of good in the long-run.


The Leo on Valentine’s Day will really be putting his or herself out there and that might not be as easy as it sounds. You’re going to feel much more nervous and on edge than you typically would which is new to you. Don’t freak out too much, if the person in your life really cares even the smallest gestures will be enough.


The Virgo on Valentine’s Day is going to be showing out big time. You’ve got serious plans for the person who means the most to you and this day is going to really bring a lot of things into the light. Perhaps you’re going to be having the best Valentine’s of all the zodiac signs within reason.


The Libra on Valentine’s Day is going to be noticing that there is a lot left unsaid right now but not necessarily in a bad way. Speaking your mind might actually do you some good right about now. Stop holding your emotions back.


The Scorpio on Valentine’s Day is going to be a bit forgetful but not in the ways they might expect. You need to stop expecting yourself to be perfect. We’re only human and we all make mistakes. Your efforts are not going without being noticed.


The Sagittarius on Valentine’s Day might end up more alone than ever. Sure, you think you’re where you want to be but this retrograde is going to have you feeling things you otherwise would have pushed down within. Address the emotions at hand and then take a step forward, you can’t ignore them forever.


The Capricorn on Valentine’s Day might end up thinking back a bit too far. If you can’t get one of your exes off of your mind perhaps you need to clear your head a bit and reevaluate where you are in life. Things are as they are for specific reasons, sometimes the people who reminisce over are not meant to be in our lives.


The Aquarius on Valentine’s Day is going to be feeling pretty spacey. You’re going to have a much more positive Valentine’s Day than you might have expected and someone may end up sweeping you off of your feet. Don’t be too closed off, see things as they are for once.


The Pisces on Valentine’s Day might end up getting something that was not meant for them but in the end, things will work out. You’re going to be having a lot of fun and letting your heart share things it hasn’t in a very long time. Don’t be too afraid, this retrograde could end up doing you a lot of favors in the romance department.