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The planet Mercury is about to make it’s transit across the Sun very soon and with that energies will be changing just a bit. Sure, things might seem the same right now but on the 11th of this month, things will be beating us all down. 

Mercury is currently retrograding which makes this entire transit a bit more intense than it would be otherwise which is something we all need to keep in mind. The fact that it is occurring on 11/11 in itself (November 11th) really heightens all of the spiritual aspects of things. We are all going to be much more in touch with the people around us and working to show those we love the most that we truly care about them. While communication, in general, is going to be a bit strained it is not going to be as hectic as you might expect for it to be.

This kind of thing will not occur again for quite some time so using the energies before us to our advantage is a seriously big deal. Whenever a planet passes the Sun in this manner it is as if that planet is being born again and through that renewed completely. We will be experiencing a sense of freshness and change that can push us to finally learn the lessons we’ve been putting off. 

During this time we should work to open up more but also keep ourselves grounded. Expansion is not something we can avoid during this time, and so we will in many ways become better versions of ourselves through the energies we’re facing. While you might feel as though the whole world is against you or like the people around you are going out of their way to bring you down, not everything is as it seems. Sometimes we are only capable of seeing one side of the things going on around us. Working to look at the bigger picture might really benefit you in a drastic way.

Mercury in the world of astrology is the messenger of the Gods and rules over the signs Gemini and Virgo. It is a planet that holds great power over our expressions in our day-to-day lives and keeps lots more in check than we usually tend to realize. If you’re feeling more curious than usual, the up and coming transit could have something to do with that.

You might feel much more inclined to plan things out as this transit unfolds and perhaps even work to make yourself more confident overall. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to energies like these and you will be grateful for them once all is said and done. The more you work at the goals you have set the more positive your results will play out to be. 

If you find yourself struggling with something from your past keep in mind that on some occasions letting go is the best route. While it might be hard, moving on is something that can and will allow you to finally be free. Do not let anything weigh you down during this transit and embrace the things to come. 

Whether you feel inclined to reflect more or as though you need to really step out of your comfort zone, your inner self will help you decide what is best. Take on the energies you’re experiencing and allow them to flow through you properly. You are capable of anything you put your mind to and this transit should serve as a reminder of just that.