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Mercury is now retrograding in Sagittarius and will be in retrograde until December 6th. While you might not expect things from your past to come up, they will.

This Mercury retrograde is going to be a lot for all of us and since Mercury is the messenger of the Gods, there will be great opportunities presenting themselves to us. For those who might not know, Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo. It is a planet that controls how we communicate, so while it is retrograde chances are you won’t be able to get your point across properly.

If you are someone that lives life on the go and spends a lot of time moving forward you will be pulled to reflect on your past. During this time being patient and allowing yourself to truly let go of the things you’ve been carrying with you is going to make a big difference in your life. We far too often forget to look for the messages being sent our way and because of this end up overlooking them. If you’ve been needing to learn something the universe is going to use the power of this retrograde to bring you back around to it.

Astrology King noted as follows in regards to this retrograde:

The most important influence on Mercury retrograde November 2018 is Mercury square Neptune. The chart below shows this challenging aspect is very tight with an orb of only 0°13′. It stays within 1° orb from November 13 to 20. Mercury square Neptune distorts your thinking which can confuse and complicate discussions and business dealings. Even giving or receiving instructions can suffer from lack of clarity and misinterpretation. If you must deal with any important business, government or legal matters, seek professional advice or help from a trusted friend.

When dealing with family and friends, try to stick to the basics of communication. Your imagination and potential for deception can lead to sticky situations. This would only increase the level of confusion and insecurity Mercury retrograde already brings, regardless of any planetary aspects. You really must avoid treachery and scandal. Even little white lies could lead to major embarrassment or the need for more convoluted cover-ups.

You see, being truthful and honest during this time will get you much further than you’d think. While we will be more confused, we will also be able to see things as they are. If you’re already struggling to block out negative thoughts, this retrograde is why. If you want to overcome your past you have to let the truth come to light.

During Mercury retrograde, you might be feeling as if your whole world is being turned upside down but you should keep in mind this is all pushing you forward once everything is said and done. It might feel like you’re moving backward but you’re actually not. You are being shot right where you need to be.

Remember to be patient with these energies and try not to obsess over the turmoil you’re feeling. While things will be quite complicated at first as time goes by you will better understand. You will be able to overcome this just remember your place in this world.