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As we move through the beginning of September, we’ve been facing a lot of interesting celestial events and one of those is Mercury sextile Venus. This happened on the 4th and while it might not be as intense as some of the things we’ve faced, it’s important to be aware of.

While this transit happened days ago, its influence will still hold power in our lives. This influence overall helps us to relax and see things in a brighter light. While these energies are present we should be working hard to express our emotions for others. Sure, sometimes it can be hard for us to tell others what’s going on inside but the more we work on that the easier it will become.

Astrology King wrote as follows on this topic:

Mercury sextile Venus transit is a fun-loving and friendly influence making this a great day or two to relax and unwind. Socializing should be more enjoyable now because of less stress and more harmony in your relationships. You will have a greater ability to express your love and affection. This means your intimate relationships can benefit from closer bonding.

Extra charm and social skills make this an ideal time for asking for favors. Doing business is also favored because of a good head for numbers and the ability to find win-win situations. If you are experiencing more challenging longer-term transits, this is a great opportunity to resolve conflict or break down any barriers to progress.

Things like this help us to show ourselves who we really are and it’s all about discovering ourselves. That being said, do your best to try and keep any aggression under control. Lashing out isn’t going to make any real differences in our lives and will only make things worse in the long-run.

I know things are complex right now and that 2020 has been a bit more intense than we would like for it to but looking to the people who support you in your times of need is important. While this whole transit and ordeal, in general, might make us a bit flustered but it’s a very positive thing for us and we will all grow properly from it.

Perhaps focusing on the business world might be in your best interests right now. Conflict can be a bit frustrating and you’re going to be going through a lot but you can do it. You are capable of so much and well, in the end, you’re going to realize just how powerful you are.