Mercury retrograde always brings forth good but finding that ‘diamond’ in the ‘ruff’ is never easy. As this retrograde comes to an end you might think you’re about to get a breath of fresh air but sadly that is not quite the case just yet.

The effects of this retrograde will not be making their exit until well into the middle of August and with that, we all need to be working on ourselves. This roughly two week period is a period we see each time a planet goes out of retrograde and through it, energies are dying down but not quite gone. For Mercury, this period is one that reminds us that we are much smaller than we tend to notice. Everything feels as if it is going wrong, and we are all out of whack.

Moving forth into this period you should without a doubt work to ground yourself properly. This is your chance to make things right in your own ways but if you’re not taking care of yourself that won’t be possible. While drama and confusion will ensue, it is all only temporary. Working to better understand why you’re feeling the things you’re feeling will only benefit you in the long-run.

As Mercury moves forth through its second shadow phase, we have to work together to get where we want to be in our daily lives. Going through things on your own is not the best idea and will only cause you to withdrawal more and more. Chances are as the days continue to pass you will notice that you’re sensing the hurt others are feeling more than usual. You are more inclined to help and more willing to take chances.

Standing up for those closest to you is a great thing and should be done whether we’re feeling this influence or not. Perhaps working to make that energy stick is a positive thing. You might be feeling as if things are becoming quite intense but this is not necessarily true. While you’re taking them too far, they’re not what they seem. The more you’re willing to open up right now the more you will find in those around you.

As you know this kind of retrograde can bring forth intense negative thoughts and so forth but knowing what to address is only half of the battle. Be sure to double-check and rethink all that comes forth. The more truthful and kind to yourself and others you are the more progress you will make in the weeks to come.

How do you feel about the end of Mercury retrograde this go around? I for one am excited to see it finally closing out. Perhaps next time we will all be better prepared. What have you taken away from this retrograde and where do you think you will end up once all of these energies finally clear out?

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

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