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A lot of people seem to really feel like Mercury retrograde brings forth all the turmoil that they experience. While Mercury Retrograde can hold us back and break us down, we do more of that on our own.

If you are the kind of person who makes a big fuss and acts like it’s the end of the world when you hear that Mercury is in or going retrograde you need to get a grip. While this planetary event is a bit intense and can knock you off your feet for a moment, it is not the cause of all of your problems. The things you end up dwelling on during this time period is something you’ve brought forth on your own and the past you’ve lived is yours alone. Mercury retrograde when its energies are used properly can help a person grow and become so much more ‘themselves’ than they otherwise would imagine and if that’s not happening with you, you’re making a mistake somewhere along the way.

None of us should be using Mercury’s retrograde as a scapegoat. It’s not making your luck bad it’s just making things a bit harder. When moments like this come forth we have to adjust and learn to make things work for us. Just because this retrograde can pull you in one way doesn’t mean the other is completely off-limits. You are still in control at the end of the day and if you try hard enough to make things work, they will work.

Mercury does experience quite a few retrograding periods each year which can for some make it seem like it’s almost always spinning backward but I assure you sometimes it is moving properly and as it should be in the cosmos. The Mercury retrograding period in itself is a time period in which we should just sit back and work to understand the things happening around us. While we shouldn’t be making any big decisions or trying to change things too drastically, we should be persistent within our own lives. 

Mercury retrograde isn’t going to cause your break up or make your job suddenly fire you, it doesn’t work like that. Mercury retrograde might highlight issues that are already present and make it clear that parting ways is what is best for you and your partner but it won’t make that jump for you or force you to do-so which you need to keep in mind. The things you do with the energies before you are your actions and your decisions to make at the end of the day.

Try to be a little kinder to Mercury, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be and like all celestial bodies, it is merely doing what it has to do. This retrograde in itself is rarely ever a comfortable one or an easy one but it’s not the reason for your mistakes or inner turmoil, never forget that. When it comes to our lives and the bad things that come through them, we are the only ones to blame.