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Today, February 3, Mercury retrograde came to an end. But, before we all sigh a collective sigh of relief, it’s important to understand the shadow phase that is now beginning and what it has in store for us.

First and foremost, Mercury retrograde takes place when Mercury appears to begin moving backward, rather than forward on its direct path. Because Mercury is the planet that rules over communication, clarity, travel, and electronics, this period can cause a bit of chaos to ensue in those areas.

Oftentimes, we find that we end up back-stepping and revisiting situations we never received closure on. During these times, it’s important to approach re-emerging situations and emotions in a way that is conducive to our growth.

Before the retrograde, there is a retro shade period that builds up steadily until the retrograde begins, and after the retrograde, we have a shadow phase.

To understand this on a more technical level Mercury is still at a specific degree before and after the retrograde, causing some looming retrograde energies to remain.

The shadow and retro shade both last two weeks, so we will be feeling the lingering energy for another 14 days. During this time, you will likely feel more clarity, motivation, and drive, because the retrograde energies are quickly decreasing. However, you may likely continue to have a few mishaps that tie into what would be typical of a retrograde.

For many people, the retrograde shadow can even amp things up in a way, because it pushes us to reflect much deeper but with far more clarity. So, if you have some bad habits, tendencies, or situations that have yet to have received closure start to emerge, it’s likely due to the shadow.

Thankfully, these events produce even more growth because your drive and clarity, and ability to perceive them are amplified in contrast to what it was during the actual retrograde. Use these mishaps to propel you forward and onto a path of growth.

With that being said, you can still breathe a sigh of relief, just exercise caution and maintain self-awareness. Use the added boost of motivation and energy to apply the lessons you have learned to your life in a practical manner, and you will be an unstoppable force.

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