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Sure, we’ve already been quite overwhelmed energetically lately but things are nowhere near over. With Mercury in retrograde, nothing is going to be certain in the weeks to come.

Mercury officially went retrograde on July 7th and began in Leo. That being said, as time passes this interesting little planet is making its way to Cancer and with that, a lot of things are going to be shaken up big time. The more that we work towards figuring things out the more frustrated and concerned we will all become and with good reason. This retrograde won’t be ending until the 31st so you should definitely buckle up and sit back for this wild ride.

Below I am going to go over some of what is in store for each zodiac sign. While these things might be confusing, they might make a big difference in your life. What does your sign have to look forward to?


This retrograde has been and will continue to bring you to a place in your mind where you want to slow down and figure your aspirations out. It might be time to change a big part of your life and thinking it through is going to make or break where you’re headed. Stop wasting time and get out there, you deserve to be doing the things you love the most.


This retrograde isn’t going to bring the things to light that you’ve hoped it would but it will bring forth something you’ve been needing to know. Do not judge the people around you too harshly, allow them to explain before you freak out. Sometimes things are not exactly what they seem.


While this retrograde is present you need to start focusing more on your boundaries. You are too much of a pushover and others are taking advantage of that. Be as firm as possible and stop letting things get to you.


This retrograde isn’t going to allow you to rest much at all. You need to realize where you are in life and how moving forward can help you. A lot of the people around you are using you and the changes that need to be made are going to be presenting themselves as the days pass by.


Stop saying the things you know other people want to hear. You need to realize that the world isn’t made for you and that you need to put more effort forth. While you are quite selfish once you see the things you’ve been doing to those you care about, you will change your tune big time.


Sure going out and having fun sounds great but now is not the time. You need to be more willing to get work done and put forth the efforts you need to get yourself comfortable. Nothing in life comes free, remember that.


The people in your life deserve to know why you’re so closed off. They love you for who you are and want you to be happy. This retrograde is going to bring you to be more open about your emotions and offer you the chance to really let the people you care about in properly.


This retrograde is going to have you ready to do something new. Choose something that is out of your comfort zone and perhaps a bit unusual. You are capable of more than you might realize.


Perhaps spending some time exercising is a good idea. This retrograde is going to highlight the parts of your life that you’ve been needing to work on. While mental workouts might not be your thing, they’re about to become a huge part of your life.


This retrograde is going to have you looking inward more. You need to read into the things you’re thinking and allow yourself to breathe properly. Figure out what matters most to you and from there build the person you’ve always wanted to be. Your mind is a much more organized place than you might have realized before.


This retrograde is going to have you looking more to the past than you’ve been in many months. You’re going to be focusing on the things you regret rather than the things you need to do moving forward and it’s really going to put you in a bad mood. Letting go is the only way to get through this.


During the time that this retrograde is present, you need to remember that you are only human. Let the airflow in and allow it to flow out, take the time to relax properly. You are not a machine and you need time to yourself here and there.