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Mercury retrograde is one of those things that most of us dread. And while it makes sense to dread it on one hand, on another, it actually can be a pretty phenomenal experience and one that is exceedingly beneficial if we approach it correctly.

While it is most known for the fact that it causes miscommunication, misunderstanding, and travel plans to go awry, Mercury retrograde is also an opportunity. Before you come for me, hear me out. During the retrograde, when Mercury appears to be spinning backward, it is a calling for us to slow down and communicate more effectively with ourselves.

And this retrograde isn’t just your everyday retrograde, it’s a pretty important transit. At the same time as Mercury begins moving retrograde, Jupiter is entering into Aries. Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, and transformation, and the energy in Aries is fierce and determined.

The major change will coincide with this transit. When you add the determination of Aries to the expansive energy of Jupiter, it’s the perfect recipe for major growth and change. What are some goals you have your sights set on currently? Use this transit to truly focus on your goals and align with them.

Think about the changes you wish for most. When you think of your life in the future, what does it look like (if your goals were achieved)?

The energy of the Mercury retrograde (which takes place in Gemini, BTW) is also pushing us to reflect on change and growth. Especially when it comes down to how we express ourselves and communicate. How are you showing up for your friendships and other relationships? Are there changes that could be made that would help them find a more stable place?

Because of how prevalent miscommunication is during this time, it’s important to choose your words carefully. Feel the room before you let it all out. And be careful not to participate in gossip. What you say during this time will find its way back around, and it may cause harm to your relationships if you don’t pay attention to what you say. Above all, experience life and communication as a lesson. When mistakes happen, reflect on them.

These 5 signs are going to have the have worst go this retrograde:

1. Aries

For those whose zodiac sign is Aries, this is going to be an intense retrograde. Because it will fall in your house of communication- the chaotic aspects of this retrograde are likely going to be heightened for you. Expect to be misunderstood and misunderstood, and if you have travel plans in place, double-check them a few times. With that being said, the retrograde isn’t all bad: it’s a time to take a step back and slow down, and that’s never a bad thing for gung-ho Aries.

2. Taurus

Because this retrograde will move through your house of income and finance, be careful to check your electronic banking and double-check that important transaction go through. You could expect to get hit with an unexpected fee or even have your bank go down when you need them most. A good opportunity that will come of this, though, is that if you are having a difficult time with your financial mindset, this is a major opportunity to work on shifting that.

3. Gemini

This retrograde is falling under your sign, so it’s expected that you are going to be feeling it rather intensely. You might be questioning yourself, or having a difficult time seeing things. And in turn, this could cause you to take a few steps back. If you feel too overwhelmed, it’s completely okay to slow down and take some time just for you, so you can get your mind back right.

4. Virgo

Be wary of how you approach social media during this time because the retrograde will be bumping into your house of public image. While it may not be intentional, you may end up posting something that is gravely misunderstood, leading to problems among your tight-knit friend group and family.

5. Pisces

With this retrograde falling under your fourth house of home and family, your family life may be a bit chaotic. I would expect to have some miscommunications among family members and to have important household electronics glitch out during use. If you have any travel plans with family-make sure everyone has all of their ducks in a row, including yourself, otherwise, travel plans may go awry.

These 4 signs will have be the least affected:


While this will be an easier retrograde for you, it will still affect you on some level. However, this period could prove to be extremely beneficial to you, as it will provide the opportunity to question your core beliefs and values and redetermine who you are. As the revolutionary of the zodiac, that is kind of your bread and butter, so if you openly approach this retrograde, it will work for you.


The effects of this retrograde will be much milder than usual, as it will spend much of its time in your quiet and calm 12th house. With that being said, it’s a great time for you to spend in introspection, allowing yourself to tune into your intuition. Listen to your spirit.


Summer is your time to shine, and it’s coming to a close. Now, is the perfect time to take a moment to sit back and reflect on the past few months and reorganize your life. Additionally, this is a time to find peace in the chaos.


The past few months have been a bit crazy for you, to say the least. Now, is the perfect time to take a step back and re-energize yourself. You tend to be a creature of habit, so any bit of chaos throws you right off the track. The slower pace of the retrograde is perfect for you right now, because it’s offering you a chance to slow down and find peace.